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Ensure you hire successfully by pre-selecting candidates based on their actual skills and knowledge.


We can transform your recruitment process

There’s rarely a problem finding candidates to apply for your vacancies. Or building a pile of CVs from people who look as if they could fill those roles.

But that’s no guarantee they’ll be able to do the tasks you need them to do!

Online recruitment and psychometric skills tests by Skills Arena

Would you like to ensure the people you interview have the key skills you need for the roles you advertise?

Watch our video to see how we can help you avoid stress and save time and money.

Tests and assessments to suit every business requirement



Ensure your candidates have the key skills required for the role



Freedom and flexibility with our bespoke assessments



Assess, manage and develop with our online talent management solutions

Skills Arena provides online tests to assess candidates for the workplace skills you actually need, together with a back-end dashboard so you can review and manage your applicants. Since 2001, we have been helping employers of all sizes save time, lower costs and make sure they are hiring people who can do the job.

You can use our tests to filter applicants you have already longlisted. You can also use them to streamline the process by testing for the skills you need as part of the online application. No pass means no application for you to waste time reviewing.

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