Have you ever considered you do things a certain way because it is in your DNA to do so? Most of us are familiar with the phrase ‘it’s in our DNA’, yet few employers consider this element of character when they are looking to employ people to fill crucial roles in their businesses.

Fortunately, psychometric assessment tools have made it easier to identify the positive and negative parts of a person’s character when inviting someone for interview. This screening process can help whittle down the pool of possible interviewees and identify those best suited to each role.



You can discover the real person – not the interviewee

Interviews are nerve-wracking for many people, but those with more experience of them – or simply bags of confidence – will know how best to present themselves. Some may show the employer what they want them to see, rather than their true selves.

Look online and you will find many articles on interviews. Some say they are a science, others say they are an art. Regardless, it is easy for someone to say what they think the employer wants to hear, especially if they have done their homework.

However, it is very difficult to ‘cheat’ on a psychometric test. By requesting applicants to complete such tests, it is easier for the employer to identify the genuine character traits of each person.


You can work out who is an introvert and who is an extrovert

No one type is better or worse than the other, of course. However, some job roles are better suited to introverts, while others are better filled by those with extrovert personalities.

If a job requires someone to work with people all day, it may be better suited to someone with an extrovert personality. Conversely, a role requiring someone to work for long periods on their own would likely be ideal for an introvert who likes their own space to concentrate.

The Character DNA profile identifies whether a person thinks or feels in an introvert or extrovert way. When an employer has this information to go on, they can make a more confident hiring decision.


Character DNA highlights a person’s strengths, so you can see if they match your requirements

It should be remembered there are no positive or negative answers in a Character DNA profile. However, since everyone’s profile will be unique, it becomes far easier to see who can fulfil the requirements of the job position most closely and successfully.

For example, if someone is identified as having extraverted thinking, they will be determined and confident in their role. This is ideal in scenarios where the employer requires a leader – a manager of a busy department, perhaps. However, the same person would likely be very out of place if they were interviewing to work in a care home. Someone exhibiting introverted feeling – i.e. a caring and considerate person – would be far better suited to such a role.

These are extremes offered as examples, of course. However, they do indicate how much easier it would be to hire someone who has completed a Character DNA profile. More precisely, it increases the odds of hiring the right person for the job being interviewed for.

Of course, the interview process is still vitally important. However, an employer who uses information gleaned from the interview together with the DNA profile they have obtained will find it far easier to find the right person for each role. With fewer people to interview, it may also be possible to spend more time with each person, thanks to the information discovered from each completed DNA profile.



Skillsarena Character DNA reports are instantly available and deliver information in simple, everyday language making personality profiling accessible to everyone. No training is required to understand or interpret results and a typical report can be read and absorbed in three minutes. By using the colourful language of red, yellow, green and blue, rather than numbers or symbols, you will see psychology come to life in a practical, easy-to-use everyday application.

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