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Client Testimonial: Working with Edge Hill University.

Edge Hill University is a leading campus university with a strong focus on employability, delivering an outstanding student experience.

Awarded Times Higher Education UK University of the Year for 2014/15

Edge Hill Uni - Skillsarena

The main aim of Edge Hill University is to provide an outstanding student experience, underpinned by high quality learning, teaching & research, whilst further developing a strong sense of community. They look to continuously strengthen links to businesses and the region, and enhance student employability as a result.

As part of its vision and values, Edge Hill University aims to harness the creativity, knowledge and commitment of its staff to promote its values and enhance its activities; and is rated a ‘good/excellent’ employer by 93% of staff.

The Business Challenge

The University recognised that success in a highly competitive environment can only be achieved with the full engagement and commitment of the staff who work there. There is a direct correlation between the experience of staff in the work place and how they in turn engage with students and other stakeholders. The leaders and managers of the University look to maintain an outstanding working environment which enables staff to perform to the highest standard and ultimately support the long-term sustainability and success of the University.

Therefore the University identified that it needed to ensure that measures were incorporated into the recruitment process to ensure that they were hiring only individuals with the motivation and mindset needed to thrive in this working environment, fit in the workplace culture and be an asset to the University.

The Solution

To ensure the appointment of the best possible candidate available, the University wanted to become even more rigorous in its approach to recruitment. Daniel Smith, HR Manager says “We needed selection methods that would evaluate all essential criteria to ensure the appointee has the necessary personal qualities and skills to undertake all aspects of the role and the capacity to develop further.”

The University identified Skillsarena’s psychometric test – Character DNA as the best way to measure a candidate’s personality traits and natural communication styles to analyse whether they would be a good fit with the rest of the team, and the University working ethos as a whole.

The Outcome

Through utilising Character DNA as a tool in their existing recruitment process, meant that they could better filter out those candidates who didn’t display the right attitudes to fit in with their company culture, thereby only hiring those who showed the ability to be highly motivated, meaning that their staff turnover is at an all-time low.

“The culture and values of the University will have a direct impact on students and staff. The culture, attitude and behaviours will be what differentiates the University from its competitors and a positive, inclusive culture will enable competitive advantage.” Says Daniel.

Being able to identify the right fit for culture is important for the University and is just one of the attributes Character DNA can measure to ensure you are hiring the right people into your business.

For further information: Character DNA psychometric test.

“Character DNA has been highly effective at ensuring we appoint individuals into the organisation that can contribute to our positive and engaging culture”

Daniel Smith, HR Manager