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Character DNA is a valuable profiling tool that allows you to see how personality drives aspects of behaviour.

It provides an understanding of the differences between individuals and highlights how we can communicate with each other more efficiently.

The insight gained from responses given to questions can be used in a number of different scenarios from recruitment to team fit, as well as matching employee and customer personalities to enhance relationships.

A psychometric test or personality test is often used as a filtering mechanism in the early stages of the employment process.

When you need to recruit the right person to fill a particular role, or, improve communication within a struggling team, personality profiling is indispensable.

Character DNA allows you to analyse four elements of personality; introversion, extraversion, thinking and feeling.  By using our colour-coded system to interpret and describe these psychological types, you will be able to paint pictures of individuals and understand their intrinsic communications styles.  Character DNA also helps participants understand themselves, understand others and improve communication by adapting to different behaviours.

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What we provide

Online personality tests, cognitive ability tests, personality type tests and online psychometric tests.

A simple and highly effective way to understand, influence and communicate clearly by visualising individuals and teams.

Our reports are instantly available and deliver information in simple, every day language making personality profiling accessible to everyone. No training is required to understand or interpret results and a typical report can be read and absorbed in 3 minutes. By using the colourful language of red, yellow, green and blue, rather than numbers or symbols, you will see psychology come to life in a practical, easy-to-use everyday application.

The cost-effective pricing of Character DNA means it can be used at all levels within an organisation, not just for Senior Management or Leadership teams.

Your Outcomes

Overview of your personal style


Development points

Effective and ineffective communication

About Character DNA

Using an online platform, participants grade sets of words to identify the traits which best and least describe their personalities.

A Character DNA report is then generated based on the choices submitted, which has the following sections: an overview of personal style, strengths, development points and effective & ineffective communication.

Graphical analysis of preferences are mapped and the individuals position on the Character DNA Team wheel is used to show how the team works together.


Do you want a simple, clear personality summary?

Do you want to visualise candidates strengths and development areas?

Do you want to see a clear map of your whole team on one page?

Our range of personality profile tests or cognitive assessment tests could be right for you.

Key features

Quick and simple set up

Team wheel

Customised chapters in each profile

Create a company wide language to improve communication

Benefit by

Understanding yourself
Understanding your team
Improving relationships
Valuing differences
Improving communication