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Psychometric test showing how personality drives aspects of behaviour


Character DNA is a psychometric test that helps participants understand themselves, understand others and improve communication by adapting to different behaviours. It displays a clear picture of people’s strengths, weaknesses, working style and how these all fit together to produce a team that work effectively.

Character DNA wheel

What does Character DNA measure?

How different personalities deal with different things in day to day work or life, or more specific things such as communication. Character DNA allows you to analyse four elements of personality; introversion, extraversion, thinking and feeling, whilst using colour to describe them in order to bring the psychology to life and give an easy-to-use, practical, everyday application that everyone can understand.

The Colour Wheel

Individuals are positioned on the Character DNA ‘wheel’ to show how they work most effectively. If a whole team were to complete the profile, their results can be displayed in a graphical analysis to show strengths and weaknesses within a team, and how best to communicate with each other.

Benefits of a Psychometric Test?

The insight gained from responses given to questions from a psychometric assessment can be used in a number of different scenarios from recruitment to team fit, as well as matching employee and customer personalities to enhance relationships. A psychometric test or personality test is often used as a filtering mechanism in the early stages of the employment process.

For the individual, it provides an understanding of the differences between team member’s personality types and highlights how they can communicate with each other more efficiently.

For companies, by using our colour-coded system to interpret and describe these psychological types, you will be able to paint pictures of individuals and a team as a whole and understand their intrinsic communication styles.

Character DNA - pyschometric test benefits
sample report- Character DNA test

Download a sample Character DNA report

Click to download a sample Character DNA report to get a feel for the type of analysis you can receive from a candidate taking this test.

Report clearly shows where the candidate fits on the Character DNA wheel,  graphical representation of the way they express your personality to the world around them and provides selected general statements of how their personality may come across to others in the workplace.

Sections include: overview of personal style | strengths | development points | effective & ineffective communication.

Watch the Character DNA explainer video

What We Provide:

Online personality tests, cognitive ability tests, personality type tests and online psychometric tests.

A simple and highly effective way to understand, influence and communicate clearly by visualising individuals and teams.

Our reports are instantly available and deliver information in simple, every day language making personality profiling accessible to everyone. No training is required to understand or interpret results and a typical report can be read and absorbed in 3 minutes. By using the colourful language of red, yellow, green and blue, rather than numbers or symbols, you will see psychology come to life in a practical, easy-to-use everyday application.

The cost-effective pricing of Character DNA means it can be used at all levels within an organisation, not just for Senior Management or Leadership teams.

Your Outcomes

Overview of your personal style


Development points

Effective and ineffective communication

Key features of Character DNA – a psychometric test:

Quick and simple set up

Team wheel

Customised chapters in each profile

Create a company wide language to improve communication

Our customers love the fact they can benefit by:

Understanding yourself
Understanding your team
Improving relationships
Valuing differences
Improving communication

“When you need to recruit the right person to fill a particular role, or, improve communication within a struggling team, personality profiling through psychometric testing is indispensable.”

Want to see our Character DNA in action?

Check out our Edge Hill University testimonial.


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