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Improve the quality of Graduates you recruit with skills testing

While the graduate job market is the best it’s been in years, many companies are reporting that their newly qualified employees lack essential workplace skills.


At Skillsarena we create recruitment assessments that accurately measure key competencies, making sure your new employee possesses the right skills for the job. We can assist at every stage of the recruitment process.

We can help you shortlist your applicants for interview or even build a test component into an online application that compiles instant results, saving you time and money on reviewing submissions that don’t make the grade.

With Skillsarena, the future of your business never looked brighter.

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All about the graduate experience

A Skillsarena assessment package is a fantastic way to introduce graduates to your business, helping them to understand your brand values and identity. We can design bespoke tests to suit the specific recruitment needs of your business and also offer a full range of psychometric evaluations to analyse performance, behaviour and motivation, which you can use to help graduates adapt into your current team dynamic. With Skillsarena you can get to know your potential employees before you hire them – ideal when recruiting new graduates with little work experience.

With a fully integrated Skillsarena package, you can offer graduates a fail-safe and streamlined assessment process: no messy downloads for them, no sifting through endless documents for you.

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