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Using online assessments to select the right graduates for your organisation


The graduate applicant pool can be large and diverse. Improve the quality of graduates you hire for your organisation with our range of skills testing and services aimed specifically at recruiting graduate talent.

While the graduate job market is the best it’s been in years, many companies are reporting that their newly qualified employees lack essential workplace skills. A third of companies are concerned about young people’s attitude to work according to a recent CBI/Person Education & Skills survey. 32 percent said they were dissatisfied with graduate’s attitudes and behaviours of self management or resilience. Not only that 33 percent were unhappy with their literacy skills and 29 percent with their numeracy ability.

Why does Graduate Recruitment differ?

Graduate recruitment can vary to the usual hiring selection methods, due to the fact that the applicants are far more likely to have little or no prior work experience. With graduates, it is all about predictive power- predicting those who have the potential to shine within your organisation. With high volumes of applications all showcasing similar educational qualifications, it is hard to differentiate between the high quality candidates against those unsuitable.

This lack of work experience means that vocational testing is not appropriate for these applicants, instead the focus needs to be on utilising testing that will help measure whether they possess the values and attitudes, enthusiasm, personality and cultural approach to be successful within your organisation.

Competition for graduates is also extremely fierce and so in order to hire the top applicants before any other company, it is essential to get a focused selection program in place that will streamline your recruitment process effectively.

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Increasing Graduate Quality & Retention

Utilising Skillsarena’s range of testing for graduate recruitment, will allow you to accurately measure the key competencies of your applicants and filter out unsuitable candidates who lack workplace understanding to ultimate allow you to make sure your new employee possesses the right skills for the job.

We can help you shortlist your applicants for interview or even build a test component into an online application that compiles instant results, saving you time and money on reviewing submissions that don’t make the grade.

Not only that but a Skillsarena graduate assessment package is a fantastic way to introduce graduates to your business, helping them to understand your brand values and identity. We can design bespoke tests to suit the specific recruitment needs of your business and also offer a full range of psychometric evaluations to analyse performance, behaviour and motivation, which you can use to help graduates adapt into your current team dynamic. With Skillsarena you can get to know your potential employees before you hire them – ideal when recruiting new graduates with little work experience.

THE RESULT:   better quality of hire = increase in employee retention.

How Skillsarena can help you

Skillsarena offer 3 main areas of testing that can be used as recruitment tools for graduate applicants, to support you make the employee selection process simpler and more efficient. We are on hand to help you choose the most appropriate assessment tool for your business needs.

Situational Judgement Tests

Our Situational Judgement Tests are bespoke and so help to indicate those applicants that are likely to behave and/or react to your specific work scenarios in a way that you need. A good method of testing for graduates with little or no work experience as they provide an effective measure of their potential work performance by placing them in realistic work scenarios, requiring them to deal with a number of situations that they are likely to be faced in a particular role.

Aptitude & Ability Skill Tests

Designed to access a candidate’s intellectual performance, Aptitude Tests give an indication of a candidate’s ability to process both verbal and numerical information. Ability Skill Tests are those that test basic competencies associated with essential work activities such as Maths & Numeracy and English Language & Literacy.

Psychometric Testing

Used correctly, Psychometric Tests allow employers to understand the graduate’s personality preferences and whether they will be the right fit for the organisation’s values.

Watch our introduction video on Graduate Recruitment

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Skillarena have given us a fresh perspective on our workforce and the motivation to build upon attracting the right people through an engaging employer brand.
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Skillsarena’s tests have been used throughout the organisation for all levels of recruitment up to the most senior and have been very well received. The response to the tests has been overwhelmingly positive. All of our recruitment managers are absolutely delighted.
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