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Utilise Employment Skills Testing as a measure of a candidate’s ability


Invaluable for recruitment and training needs analysis, verify candidate skills through hundreds of online employment assessments. Our online skills tests make your recruitment process less painful and enable you to select, develop and retain valued staff. Each test is fully automated, generating a real-time report with detailed analysis, scores and percentile rankings.

Why use Skills Testing?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of applications you are receiving for a job vacancy and how to sift through to find the ideal qualified candidates and make an informed hiring decision? Or are you looking for ways to improve your existing staff’s development but not sure what their current skills set is and the areas needed for improvement? This is where Employment Skills Tests come in!

Instant online tests assess individuals quickly, accurately, and above all fairly.

Online testing also allows easy comparison between candidate responses and the results of pre-testing, alongside a well-written CV and any subsequent interview- help a business to make well-informed recruitment decisions and quantify the knowledge of an individual.

Employment Skills Testing

Employment Skills Tests

Whether you need to test one candidate or hundreds, Skillsarena offer over 100 online assessments within three areas of Employment Skills Testing – Aptitude Tests, Core Skills Tests and Vocational Job Tests.

Within each module there is a variety of off-the-shelf tests to assess an individual’s ability. Our modules cover the subjects, skills and competence levels appropriate to millions of vacancies and job roles. With each, you will be able to compare each individual on exactly the same skill sets, dispositions, and behavioural characteristics.

Aptitude Testing

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude Tests measure general cognitive ability and are a measure of how well candidates are at solving problems and processing information.

Core Skill Testing

Core Skills Tests

Core Skills Tests assess an individual’s basic competencies and provide an overview of their skills and capabilities when it comes to reading, writing, communication and numeracy.

Vocational Job Testing

Vocational Job Tests

Vocational Job Tests view of an individual’s capabilities that reflect the specific abilities and skills that are needed for a specific industry job role.

We offer core competency skill assessments that provide an overview of their skills and capabilities when it comes to reading, writing, communication and numeracy, that are fundamental essentials for successful working regardless of the industry.

Not only that, we also offer skills testing specific for certain industries. A variety of Retail specific tests to assess a candidate’s ability to handle real life retail scenarios; online recruitment assessments designed for the Housing industry; pre-built Finance assessments enable you to identify candidate knowledge related to financial responsibilities; as well as Logistics skills testing which assess basic “day to day” driver knowledge required by law.

Numerical & Verbal reasoning tests are aptitude tests used by recruiters and employers. Aptitude tests are also known as cognitive ability tests or intelligence tests.

Randomised or fixed questions from the largest question pool on the market, regularly “refreshed” and designed with business language and the candidate in mind.

Watch the Skills Testing explainer video

When it comes to filling a vacancy, placing an advert is the easy part. The hard part is sifting through all the CVs and making sure you select the right candidate. Add to that the frustration of making the wrong decision by employing someone you later find out does not possess the core skills required for the role.  This easily turns the recruitment process into a costly ordeal, having to spend time, effort and precious resources on management or additional training. Skillsarena have the skills tests and tools to help you assess those candidates workplace skills in a seamless and structured way. Your time is valuable. Spend it on the “quality candidate pool” – Right First Time

58% of Hiring Managers have said they have caught out a lie on a candidate’s CV

The typical cost of recruitment error as a percentage of annual salary is 40%


21% of companies didn’t spend enough time to test candidate skills well enough before hiring

Key features

Level selection


Create your own tests

Brand your system

Modify questions

Adjust timings

Add content

Popular Tests

Online Microsoft Office Tests
Online Maths and Numeracy Tests
English Literacy Skills Test
Clerical Skills Assessments

What we provide

Real-time results with hundreds of work-based assessments, available at fundamental through to professional level and aligned to educational standards.

Core skills

Values & Attitude

Scenario based tests

Personality & Motivation

Verbal & Numerical Reasoning

Microsoft Simulations

Role-Based Simulation

Your Outcomes

Our cloud-based solution means there are no software installs and within an hour you can be enjoying these benefits.

Objective Decision Making

The ability to recruit right first time

Reduced management overhead

Reduced training cycle

Increased employee retention

Confidence and evidence

Create your own

Have the complete freedom to create your own tests for your specific requirements. This service gives you complete test format freedom and the ability to create and manage a tailored solution to fit your needs.

Convert paper to online

True or False

Written response with manual marking

Scenario based tests

Mark the errors

Multiple choice

Questions & Answers



Do you want to recruit the right person first time?

Do you want to have the evidence to recruit with confidence?

We can provide you with the tools to ensure you have the right staff with the right skills in the right role.

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What Clients Say About Us
Skillarena have given us a fresh perspective on our workforce and the motivation to build upon attracting the right people through an engaging employer brand.
Alison Tookey Employee Relations Advisor, Home Retail Group
Choosing Skillsarena was the best business decision we made, the system is slick and easy to use, our business processes are faster and I recommend the company when speaking to other about their recruitment problems.
Alan Blake Managing Director, Secom Plc
Skillsarena’s tests have been used throughout the organisation for all levels of recruitment up to the most senior and have been very well received. The response to the tests has been overwhelmingly positive. All of our recruitment managers are absolutely delighted.
Mark Gillmam Recruitment Business Partner, Southern Housing

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