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Audio Typing Test

Audio Typing General is an audio typing skills assessment on a more general scale. This assessment has been designed to assess the individual’s typing “skill set” on a wider scale. Applicable to a variety of roles, across numerous industry sectors testing the individual specifically on speed and accuracy.

Skills Measured and Levels
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Audio comprehension
Recommended Applications

Support staff required to work with audio dictation.

Complementary Tests
Sample Audio Content

Driving is fun, but is also a skill that has to be applied with responsibility. ¬†Passing the driving test is not the end of learning to drive, it is just he beginning. Experience can make us better drivers, provided that we keep a check on what habits we allow to develop. Our biggest risk of having a bad accident is within the first two years of passing the driving test. The most important tip is to stay with the thinking habit where you judge everything well in advance, the eventual intended outcome being a natural driving style that is safe…

Test Detail
  • Typing from audio
  • 5 Minutes to complete
  • Practice available
Sample Results