Microsoft Office Training

4 Reasons to Consider Online Microsoft Office Training for Your Staff

There are many ways in which your company will benefit from providing employees with Microsoft Office training. These tests can be used throughout the full employee life cycle – starting with recruiting or providing new recruits with the right skills; fill in gaps in existing employee’s knowledge; or even help prepare more established employees for promotion by providing them with …Read More

reduce Call Centre attrition

Concerned about Call Centre Staff Turnover & Attrition?

Not surprisingly, Call Centre attrition or staff turnover rates are extremely high compared to other industries. According to EvaluAgent, in 2016 the average employee turnover rates have risen to 24-26% vs. 15% across over industries in the UK. The 2015/2016 edition of Contact Babel’s operational benchmarking report, state that outbound contact centres’ mean absence rates are almost 50% higher than …Read More

Smoke and Mirrors

Seeing through the Smoke and Mirrors – are candidates CV’s true?

Today is National Smoke and Mirrors day. Smoke and Mirrors is a popular idiom for deceptive behaviour, or an action with an insubstantial explanation or description. Although the source of the name is from magicians due to their many illusions, the candidates you are hiring could be hiding behind smoke and mirror descriptions on their CVs, based on the fact they can write anything and may not be questioned on it, even if what they’re claiming isn’t necessarily the truth. But how can you tell if they are actually able to do all the things they say they can?

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about Character DNA

Profiling for a professional workforce

Lloyds of London have announced an alcohol ban for employees during working 9-5 hours. Boozy lunches have long been the norm in the City for many businesses when deals are made with customers. For some employees, this may come as a bit of a shock, especially if they are used to the occasional daytime tipple. Lloyds have defended their reasoning saying it’s time to bring the company and employee expectations into line with ‘industry norms’. Not every business and industry has the same lenient outlook to daytime drinking during the week and expect professional behaviour at all times, even on visits out of the office.

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Skillsarena launches Character DNA for psychometric profiling’

Skillsarena Launch Character DNA for Psychometric Profiling

Psychometric Test – Character DNA

We are so happy to announce the launch of our new Psychometric profiling product; Character DNA. The launch comes at an exciting time for us at Skillsarena, and is one of an assortment of new talent management products available in our online range. You may be wondering what exactly Character DNA is and where it could be beneficial for you to use. We have answered the important questions below in an easy-to-digest way!

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