Why Juggling isn’t Just for Clowns

England’s emergency ambulance service is said to be at ‘breaking point’ following recently released figures showing that of all the UK’s ambulance services, only Wales is successfully reaching emergencies within the target of eight minutes.
Reports and figures expose the fundamental root of the issue as a huge rise in demand from the public, adding mounting pressure on to the already …Read More

John Lewis

Are You a Fox or a Badger?

As happens every year, we have all fallen in love with John Lewis’s Christmas advert, and the group of animals harmoniously jumping around on the trampoline (much to Buster the dog’s despair…). All the animals involved; two foxes, a badger, a hedgehog and a squirrel quickly work out the perfect system to all bounce together without anyone falling off or …Read More

A Skills Test for Donald Trump

So, Donald Trump recently became the President-elect of the USA, sending shock-waves around the World. After an extremely close debate race between Trump and Clinton, Trump came out on top. We can’t help but think if American citizens had something extra to help them make up their minds, rather than just the campaigning, then things might have been different…
Running for …Read More

Ready, set, Gung-Ho!

In the Skillsarena team, we love a challenge. So much so that for the past month Lauren and Natalie have been searching for an event for everyone to take part in (one that everyone agrees on!) to fundraise for FOP Friends. FOP Friends is a charity close to our hearts as Oliver – an honorary member of the Skillsarena Team …Read More