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360 Degree Feedback – Get the Views of Those Around You


360 degree feedback is an ideal tool for improving staff appraisals and encouraging individual development. It allows views to be obtained from different sources at all levels in your organisation rather than just the traditional top-down feedback method (hence the term ‘360 degree feedback’).

give an employee a broader understanding of what they do well plus opportunities for improvement

With Performance 360 you can 

obtain a 360 degree approach for an appraisal

provide management with guidance on maximising team effectiveness & communication

Over recent years, lots have been written about the decline of the typical top-down performance appraisal. People Management have quoted that just 4% of HR leaders feel that their appraisal system or processes are effective.

360 Degree Feedback

“Traditional appraisal feedback is typically top down, whereas Performance 360 as a 360 degree feedback tool allows other members of staff to express their feelings too.”

Benefits of a 360 Degree Feedback tool

Whether you’re striving for individual improvement, team development or organisational growth, a well-run 360 degree feedback tool such as Performance 360 can provide enormous benefits for both the individuals taking part as well as their employer. Performance 360 can be beneficial in two main scenarios- as part of staff appraisals, or as part of a learning and development programme.

For the individual, it is an unbiased way to discover how you are thought of by colleagues from a 360 degree perspective and compare it to your self-perception to understand where differences in opinion may lie.

For companies, it demonstrates commitment to develop staff through appraisals and reinforces the link between competency and behaviour. It also offers a transparent and fair process that encourages honest 360 assessment.

The online feedback is both anonymous and confidential.

What Is 360 Degree Feedback?

360 degree feedback is a method of performance appraisal allowing employees to receive feedback from those who work not only in their own team, but also in the working environment around them. Our 360 degree feedback tool, Performance 360, gives a more comprehensive review of performance from all angles – managers, peers, direct reports and/or customers – giving staff a more rounded view of their strengths and weaknesses for development.

What Does Performance 360 Measure?

A 360 appraisal can give valuable insight into a range of measures that employees can benchmark against their self-perception. These include behaviours & competencies, perception of others, character, the ability to be a team player and leadership effectiveness.

In the style of a questionnaire, a Performance 360 survey poses a consistent set of questions (rated-scale questions, and free text answers where the respondent can leave comments) about the person’s performance to each respondent in order to collate a list of strengths and weaknesses. Most questionnaires are based on a set of competencies or behaviours defined by you and the questions measure how well the person performs in those areas.


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360 degree feedback benefits - Performance 360

Watch the Performance 360 explainer video

Performance 360 Tests Provide:

Summary of results comparing teams to the wider organisation or industry

Simple access to updated reports for feedback after the expected close date

Ability to ask different questions to clients or colleagues

Analysis by category or by question

Scores from previous 360 programmes can be added – even those run on another system

Manager approval, if required, for the list of names giving feedback

Comparisons with a benchmark score

Self-assessment questionnaire phrased for the individual

Key features of Performance 360 – a 360 degree feedback tool

Rated scale questions

Free text answers

Anonymous feedback

Responses collated into a single report

Our customers love the fact they can identify

Strengths and weaknesses
Structured appraisals
Constructive feedback
Succession planning
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