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Whether you are looking to recruit those who will “fit” your company culture or those with the proven relevant skills, our range of tests & services that are perfect for the recruitment process, will help you identify the right candidate first time and increase retention.

Most recruiting professionals will admit to hiring someone who proved either a bad fit or actually lacked the skills required. According to Career Builder, 58% of Hiring Managers have said they have caught a lie on a CV, with the most common 57% being embellishing the skill set they actually have.

How do you recruit effectively?

Employee selection is the process by which an employer evaluates objective information about a pool of applicants during their recruitment phase.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the process in identifying and selecting the most qualified candidate for the role(s) in question. Bringing in talented staff to the business is one of the most important roles of HR professionals. Having the right person with the right skills is crucial to the successful day-to-day functioning of any organisation. Ultimately people with the right skills, expertise and qualifications will deliver organisational objectives and contribute positively to the values and aims of the organisation.

the recruitment process

The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Candidate

Recruiting staff is a costly exercise. From advertising to filtering applicants; assessing and inviting candidates to interview; and then the investment in time, resources and training so that the member of staff is operationally efficient, all costs an organisation a significant amount of money. The thought of investing all this time and money and then making the wrong hiring decision, is extremely costly to the organisation. More significantly and less measurable, is the disruption and impact on existing staff and teams.

According to a recent CIPD/Hays survey, 75% of HR professionals in the UK are reporting recruitment difficulties and expect competition for well-qualified talent to increase in the next three years.

the cost of a bad hire
not testing candidates before hiring
recruitment error cost

Testing as a Selection Method

Selecting the right candidates includes two main processes- shortlisting and assessing. It is a crucial stage in the overall recruitment process. A vast number of applications may arrive, many of which will be unsuitable in some shape or form. Selection is the process whereby you impartially reduce the number of applicants to a manageable quality candidate pool. Using testing you are able to objectively measure and select candidates based on their suitability of skills for the role. Evidence suggests that standardised tests or tests of cognitive ability are good predictors of job performance (Schmidt & Hunter 1998), especially for occupations that require complex thinking.

Benefits of Skills Testing

Skills Testing can help narrow out unqualified applicants and therefore distinguishing those who are truly talented for the job role. As a result you will be able to eliminate unqualified applicants, identify the high quality applicants and determine the training needs of individuals.

It helps you as the recruiter to establish an individual’s skill levels or capabilities and their behavioural preferences and removes the risk of solely relying on a CV.

Incorporating Pre-Employment Tests into your Recruitment Process

The below Recruitment & Selection Funnel demonstrates a typical recruitment process when utilising pre-employment testing. At the earlier stages, high volumes of candidates can be tested and sifted out in order to reduce the candidate pool size significantly, then at the later stages, the focus turns to selecting the best candidates for the role itself.

Recruitment & Selection Funnel

SIFT OUT those candidates that do not possess the key values and attitudes for the organisation.

FILTER IN those candidates that do have the core skills required for the role itself.

SELECT those candidates that showcase they have the relevant experience and required work background.

INTERVIEW those candidates to determine their suitability for the role based on the required personality characteristics.

HIRE the right candidate(s) first time.

How Skillsarena can help you

Skillsarena offer 4 main areas of testing that can be used as recruitment tools, to support you make the employee selection process simpler and more efficient:

Situational Judgement Tests

Our Situational Judgement Tests are bespoke and so help to indicate those applicants that are likely to behave and/or react to your specific work scenarios in a way that you need. SJTs provide an effective measure of potential work performance by placing candidates in realistic work scenarios, requiring them to deal with a number of situations that they are likely to be faced in a particular role.

Aptitude & Ability Skill Tests

Designed to access a candidate’s intellectual performance, Aptitude or Reasoning Tests give an indication of a candidate’s ability to process both verbal and numerical information. Ability Skill Tests are those that test basic competencies associated with essential work activities such as Maths & Numeracy, English Language & Literacy, IT Literacy and Typing.

Vocational Ability Skill Tests

Tests aimed at evaluating candidate’s abilities at specific job-related competencies, our Vocational Ability Skill Tests cover industries such as Legal, Call Centre, Logistics, Finance and Retail. These tests allow you to understand a candidate’s ability for performing tasks that would be required of them.

Psychometric Testing

Used correctly, Psychometric Tests allow employers to understand the candidate’s personality preferences and whether they are the right fit for the organisation”s values. According to Psychometric Success, 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK use a form of psychometric testing in their recruitment & selection process.

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