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smoke and mirrors

Today is national Smoke and Mirrors day. Smoke and Mirrors is a popular idiom for deceptive behaviour, or an action with an insubstantial explanation or description. Although the source of the name is from magicians due to their many illusions, the candidates you are hiring could be hiding behind smoke and mirror descriptions on their CVs, based on the fact they can write anything and may not be questioned on it, even if what they’re claiming isn’t necessarily the truth. But how can you tell if they are actually able to do all the things they say they can?

smoke & mirrors on CV

There are, of course, ways to prove that the skills and traits that candidates claim to have are true and that it would be of benefit to your business to hire them. One of the ways of doing this is by using skills testing to ensure they actually have the skills needed to thrive in the position and are able to complete the tasks that would be required in their job role.

Skillsarena offers a range of different style Skill Tests covering a vast array of sectors and job industries including call centre tests, retail tests, accountancy & finance, industrial and housing sector specific tests. These are ideal at testing skills needed in roles in each of these industries, but we also provide more general tests such as maths & numeracy, English language & literacy, and Microsoft Office Simulation tests will ensure the core skills for most roles in any industry are covered.

As well as having these tests pre-built and ready, Skillsarena also offer the option to Create your Own bespoke tests, giving you the complete freedom to create tests from scratch for your specific requirements. This will ensure the skills candidates say they have, match with their real abilities giving you a rounded view of whether they would be able to fulfil the job role to a high standard.

As well as testing that the candidates have the right skills, Skillsarena Character DNA profiling tool allows you to understand how an individual’s personality drives aspects of their behaviour. The psychometric test is a simple and highly effective way to understand an individual’s natural communication style, and how this would fit in with the rest of your working team to see if they would be a good fit. Reports are instantly available and easy to understand and interpret through using the colourful language of red, yellow, green and blue to describe different behaviours and preferences. It gives an overview of personal style, strengths, development points and effective and ineffective communication methods. This is a handy tool not only during recruitment, but to keep once the individual has been recruited to understand how to work with them.

Both of these methods of assessing allow you to see past any smoke and mirrors that candidates may try to use in their CV by allowing you to get a true understanding of their skills and communication style to ensure they are the perfect fit for your business.

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