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Core Skill Tests designed to help evaluate basic skill competencies

We offer a wide range of useful assessments built to test basic skill competencies associated with essential work activities from numeracy and literacy ability to Microsoft Office or Computer Skills and Typing, that can be applied to all job roles in all industries in some shape or form.

Why use Core Skill Tests?

Skill tests are invaluable employment tests as they can be used to assess an individual’s basic competencies across any job role. Essentially they can provide an overview of their skills and capabilities when it comes to reading, writing, communication and numeracy, that are fundamental essentials for successful working.

Each of the tests available are designed to determine whether or not an individual has the requisite level of skill required to effectively perform at a job that will require the frequent use of the skills in question.

When to use a Skill Test?

These tests can be applied to all industries and roles whether it be as a selection tool to determine suitable candidates for initial recruitment, or for training and development of existing staff to identify skill gaps.

Mathematics & Numeracy Tests

This module is designed to test a candidate’s ability to understand and work with numbers in a professional setting.

Covering a range of assessments, this module can be utilised to identify skills such as extracting data trends from charts & tables to basic math without a calculator.

Mathematics & Numeracy Tests

English Language & Literacy Tests

This module is designed to test a candidate’s ability to use British English in a professional setting.

Covering basic spelling through to reading comprehension this module can be utilised at any stage of the employee life cycle.

Literacy Skills Tests

Microsoft Office Tests

Microsoft Office online test “simulations” are designed to simulate the product and cover a wide range of functionality, tracking the candidate’s answers through a combination of selection, keyboard short cuts and right clicks. They test a candidates ability to use Microsoft software products in a fully simulated test platform.

Microsoft Office Tests

Typing Tests

A variety of typing courses to measure an individual’s typing speed and accuracy, as well providing a score of how many words per minute (WPM) they can type correctly during the allocated test time.

Typing Tests

Health & Safety Tests

This module is designed to test a candidate’s ability and awareness in protection and care within a professional setting.

With a mix of assessments, covering different work environments, you can quickly assess a person’s understanding of Health and Safety and their knowledge of crucial safety symbols.

Health & Safety Tests

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