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So, Donald Trump recently became the President-elect of the USA, sending shock-waves around the World. After an extremely close debate race between Trump and Clinton, Trump came out on top. We can’t help but think if American citizens had something extra to help them make up their minds, rather than just the campaigning, then things might have been different…

Running for president could be compared to applying for any other job, the CV and interview may be relatively simple for candidates to blag, much like Trump’s campaign seemed to be for him, but when you add another layer of Skills testing, you can really see who is and isn’t right for the role. Imagine if Trump had to take a Skills Test to ensure he was right for the role…an entertaining thought indeed.

Skills Test For Donald Trump

Culture and Values & Attitudes tests could have exposed his thoughts on how he should behave in Office, and the Management In-tray Exercise showing how he would prioritise and resolve all the different issues he would face as President. Housing Specific tests (or a White House specific test it could be in this case..) could have ensured the levels of Care and Support he was intending to provide were measured. A whole bespoke White House test could have even been developed completely from scratch, asking all the questions that everyone wanted to know, and testing whether he had all the skills relevant for the role.

On top of this, completing a personality profile could have been another step to ensure Trump is right for the role. A personality profile allows individuals to see how their personality drives aspects of their behaviour. A profile on Trump would allow us to see an overview of his personal style, strengths, development points, and effective and ineffective communication methods. Making sure that Trump and everyone in Office work well together.

The tests could have exposed some truths and been another stage in helping people decide whether he was right for the role, allowing everyone to make a more informed hiring decision.

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