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Team Survey offers you an enlightening view from inside your company.

Research shows there is a direct link between happy employees and profitable companies. Our fully-managed questionnaire system can collect employee opinions, gauge employee engagement, measure employee satisfaction, collect ideas or team opinions and much more.

Employee survey

Employee surveys allow you to understand how employees feel about different areas of the business, giving you the information to make informed decisions.

What we provide

Our easy to use online questionnaire can collate all your employees’ thoughts in one place.

We understand every business is different, some survey questions may not be relevant to you. There may be more important questions you would like to add or categories you would like to remove. We can create a bespoke survey to suit your requirements. A survey can easily be adapted to include the questions that you need to ask your staff.

Data collected is analysed to provide results in a clear and understandable format. We can highlight areas where your company is successful in terms of engagement or where there is room for improvement. There are also free text questions that allow employees to suggest changes.

Your Outcomes

Our cloud-based solution means there are no software installs and within an hour you can be enjoying these benefits.

Understand your team opinions

Gauge employee engagement

Measure employee satisfaction

Gather new ideas

Example surveys conducted:


Company culture

Core competencies

External/Internal Communication

Employee satisfaction


Management style

Organisational change




Do you want to gauge staff engagement?

Do you want to collect ideas for improvement from your team?

Do you want to create a bespoke staff survey that fits exactly to your requirements?

Key features

Easy set up with quick distribution

Standard questions can be benchmarked against other organisations

Questions can be grouped into categories i.e. wellbeing, teamwork, reward, leadership

The data collected from a team survey can be analysed so we can provide results in a clear and understandable format.

We can highlight areas where your company is doing well in terms of engagement and where there is room for improvement.

Free text questions allow staff the opportunity to suggest changes or areas for improvement.

Repeat survey after 6 months to measure changes over time

Previous survey results can be imported, even if they were gathered on an alternative platform

Our customers benefit from:

A happier workforce
Attracting high quality candidates for future
Increased customer satisfaction
Reduced staff turnover

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