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Vocational Job Tests designed specifically for a particular industry or job role.

We offer useful skill assessments built for a wide range of industries and hundreds of different positions.

Why use Vocational Job Tests?

As well as offering core skill tests, we also offer Skills Testing specific for certain industries. Whilst the core skill tests are excellent at getting an overall view of an individual’s capabilities, sometimes a job role requires unique knowledge and requirements. And that is where our Vocational Job tests come in! It is just as important to utilise tests that reflect the specific abilities and skills that are needed for each position.

These off-the-shelf assessments focus on real-life scenarios that your employees are likely to face on a daily basis while at work, or testing knowledge on a certain subject field.


List of Industries

A variety of Retail specific tests to assess a candidate’s ability to handle real life retail scenarios; online recruitment assessments designed for the Housing industry; pre-built Finance assessments enable you to identify candidate knowledge related to financial responsibilities; as well as Logistics skills testing which assess basic “day to day” driver knowledge required by law.

Retail Industry Tests

A variety of Retail specific tests to assess a candidate’s ability to handle real life retail scenarios, and provides a true reflection of their capability in the industry.

Tests range from defining a retail culture and providing an outline of what to expect in this environment to answering scenario based questions on customer service.

Retail Industry Tests

Call Centre Tests

Pre-built tests enabling you to identify and evidence the candidate skills set required to perform in a Call Centre environment.

A number of assessments in the Call Centre module simulate the operatives environment by playing audio data. Other tests check specific knowledge or assessing ability to accurately record data

Call Centre Tests

Legal Industry Tests

A range of Legal specific tests for those working within the industry to assess their knowledge of legal subjects and understanding legal terms in text.

Ranging from testing ability to enter legal data correctly, speed typing skills, to spelling and grammar of legal terms.

Legal Tests

Accountancy & Finance Tests

Designed specifically for Finance, these tests enable you to identify & evidence candidate knowledge related to financial and accounting responsibilities.

Having been developed by finance professionals, these assessments are both up to date with UK financial regulation and requirements and present the candidate with a series of questions to determine the users skill set.

Accounting & Finance Tests

Logistics Tests

A variety of tests to assess drivers basic “day to day” skills and knowledge in the transport of a variety of goods required by law and the company they are representing.

All the tests are designed to test the knowledge of EU regulations, lawful practice and safety regulations and procedures.

Logistics Skills Tests

Industrial Tests

A variety of Industry specific tests to assess a candidate’s ability to handle real life scenarios within an industrial environment along with their knowledge of industrial terminology.

Industrial Tests

Clerical Tests

Designed specifically to cover a fully comprehensive range of typical clerical responsibilities.

Clerical Tests

Housing Industry Tests

Pre-built assessments designed specifically for the Housing Sector.

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