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Recruiting new employees can be a long and difficult process for many. Every employer wants to make the right decisions, but can you ever tell exactly what a person is like until they begin work?

Yes you can!

Discover how a person works before you hire them

Interviews help an employer narrow the field. Asking the right questions will assist in weeding out those who are unsuitable for the available positions, while highlighting those who are ideal.

Yet many job seekers are doing their homework when it comes to researching and preparing for a job interview. They know their CVs should be tailored to each individual position they are applying for. They know they must find out what is required of them and use that information to give the best answers during the interview. This is good news for the would-be employee and, to an extent, the employer as well.

However, on the employer’s side of the recruiting table, understanding more about the personality and character of an individual is invaluable. Fortunately, this information can be sought from our Character DNA test. This includes a useful Colour Wheel that shows exactly where an individual is positioned according to their personality and work abilities.


How does the Colour Wheel work?

The Colour Wheel uses different colours to indicate certain characteristics in the way each individual works. Those who land in the blue segment are logical and analytical thinkers. Meanwhile, those in the yellow segment – opposite to the blues – tend to be positive and enthusiastic about their work.

Those sitting in the green segment are loyal, conscientious workers. The red segment sits opposite to the green, producing workers that are highlighted as determined and focused.

Although the Colour Wheel has these main four colours at its heart, there is of course some overlap between them. So, one person taking the Character DNA test may land somewhere between green and yellow. Thus, they may be more empathetic than someone who lands between yellow and red, which may indicate they have a mix of decisiveness and positivity.

The results can then be applied to the job needing to be filled. A role that requires consistently inputting information into a computer would likely be suited to someone in the blue or green areas of the wheel, or somewhere between the two. Conversely, a challenging role filled with demands and issues might be a better job for a person whose character DNA falls squarely into the red sector of the wheel. By understanding the best working characteristics of each person who takes the test, it is far easier to match the right person to the best role.


The Colour Wheel works in identifying team characteristics too

Seeing where an individual will land on the Colour Wheel is very useful in helping an employer find the best person for each role. However, it can also be used in workplaces that are already established. Let’s suppose you have a team of 10 people and you want to get the most out of that team. If everyone took the Character DNA test, their results could be presented on the same Colour Wheel. Since those opposite each other on the wheel are most likely to have issues relating to or working with each other, it can help everyone understand their fellow workers more easily.


Discover how Character DNA psychometric testing can help you recruit the best people for your business by contacting Skillsarena today on 0203 693 2201. Alternatively, request a free demo to understand how our experienced team can assist you in finding the right people, no matter which role you are recruiting for.


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