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CVs, interviews, application forms… these are all common elements used by employers to help identify the best candidates for any job position. However, they are all limited in their usefulness.

Those who are more experienced at interviews may appear to be the ideal ones for the job, yet it may become apparent they are lacking in certain skills once they are employed. If you have dozens (if not hundreds) of application forms and CVs to wade through, it is not surprising if you feel overwhelmed by the scale of the task ahead of you.

This is where skills testing can be useful. They fall into three broad areas:

  1. Aptitude tests
  2. Core skills
  3. Vocational job tests

An employer may choose to use one, two, or all three of these to help narrow the field and identify the best candidates for the available positions. So, how can these tests make life easier for the employer?


They can reveal who is best at processing information

Processing information is something we all do in everyday life. While some are better at this than others, it is difficult for an employer to know who will excel in problem solving and approaching a situation in a logical manner. This is where an aptitude test comes in. It assists an employer in identifying those candidates who would do well in many of the scenarios they might be faced with. Without these tests, the employer would need to make an educated guess at choosing the person who may (or may not) prove ideal for the role.


They can reveal whether a candidate has good basic core skills

Core skills are required in all job roles. These skills cover reading and writing, working with numbers, and communicating both verbally and in written form. While some jobs demand better core skills in some areas than in others, these tests can assist in finding those people who can deliver in the required areas.

They are also excellent at narrowing the field prior to offering interviews to those who have good core skills, while weeding out those who do not. Thus, there is much time to be saved for the employer faced with potentially hundreds of job applications to go through. This skills test, as with many others, does half the work for the employer in narrowing the field.


They can reveal whether someone has the best vocational skills to thrive in a role

Last year, the British Chamber of Commerce found 74% of manufacturing firms were having trouble finding the right people to fill the available roles. Service-based firms were also struggling, with 58% of the 7,300 firms spoken to confirming this.

The above tests are ideal at finding those candidates whose basic skills are good enough to enable them to thrive in many workplaces. However, some jobs require more specific information to go on. For example, someone with good basic skills may progress quickly through the ranks in retail but may struggle if employed in the driving industry. By requesting candidates to take a vocational test, employers can single out those with the right skills and experience to carry them far in the role being offered.


Skillsarena offers a full range of skills tests to benefit a wide range of employers looking for suitable candidates for all roles, from those in retail to those in the industrial sector. Call now on 0203 693 2201 or complete our contact us form to learn more about how skills tests can make finding the best employees far easier and less time-consuming.


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