Everything you need to know about our software integrations and system solutions

At Skillsarena, we don't just provide industry-leading skills assessment tools. We can integrate with a variety of software companies to provide seamless recruitment management solutions for your organisation at every level. Whether you require an all-in-one ATS, effective talent pool management or automated skill assessment content, we have something for every business enterprise.

What are Integrations?

Think of integrations like partnering with a technology, application or software as opposed to a company or person. Integrations allow you to combine and connect multiple systems and applications seamlessly, enabling them to work together in harmony and automating data-sharing between them. 

Integrations work by being built on an Application Programming Interface (API). This refers to a piece of software that allows applications to interact with one another. The API gives instructions to the applications, allowing actions to be taken that enable multiple programs to interact efficiently. 

Whether you want to build an entire system that uses multiple softwares or simply add a new application to your existing software, integrations are essential for ensuring a cohesive process. 

Benefits of Integration

Error-free automation

With reliable integration solutions, your business and technological processes become automatic, hassle-free and without the need for human input. You can focus efforts towards your company's essential tasks without worrying about your systems not coordinating or having to waste time inputting the same data into numerous different applications. All of your systems update and work together automatically - a key benefit of integration tools. 

Enhanced productivity

Integrated systems save businesses valuable time, resources and energy by reducing the need for human input. Different people and departments can access up-to-date data across multiple applications and softwares without having to manually enter data. This creates highly efficient workstreams and a productive workplace. 

Reduced costs

Integration tools reduce the need for repetitive, manual data entry as well as having to develop your own specialist software solutions; both of which can be expensive. 


Innovation is a must for businesses wanting to maximise their revenue and stay ahead in a competitive market. Streamlining business processes - referred to as process innovation - is a key way to maximise the efficiency of your business, and system integration is an easy and effective way of innovating your business. 


Being scalable is essential if a business wishes for longevity in these highly competitive markets. By using integrated systems, you can constantly update and adapt your websites, applications and processes depending on changeable market trends and customer needs, ensuring business growth. Moreover, as your business expands, you can easily add extra software that ensures that your systems are always fit for purpose. 

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Our Integration Partners

At Skillsarena, we can integrate with software companies to provide a seamless solution for you in your organisation. Examples of our recent integration partners include: