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Tests that transform businesses

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Find the perfect fit for your team

It doesn't matter where the candidate applies from; with our skills assessments and personality tests you get an objective, accurate measure of an applicant's skills, experience and job performance potential.

Find the perfect fit for your team

Can’t find qualified candidates?

Our pre-employment tests ensure a high-quality applicant shortlist, meaning your time is optimised by only reading CVs and interviewing candidates who have the desired skills, aptitude and experience required by their employer.

Can’t find qualified candidates?

Validate your gut feeling

Our industry-specific aptitude tests provide employers with the ability to make clear and confident decisions about new hires, succession planning and job training.

Validate your gut feeling

Cut hiring time in half with our tools

Our professional skills tests don't include any complicated downloads, meaning easy access for applicants and employers alike. The skills tests also include a practice round as a way of teaching the test information and question material to the applicants. 

Cut hiring time in half with our tools

Avoid costly mis-hires

With the right skills, training and experience, candidates become operationally efficient quicker and stay in the job longer. By utilising our skill and personality assessments, employers ensure that their new hires come into the job readily equipped with the skills they need to work effectively in their job for a long time.

Avoid costly mis-hires

Unite your team with proven strategies

Our assessments can be used effectively in your current workplace as well as in your pre-employment and recruitment processes. With a few simple questions, you can enhance your current employees' skills, training, job performance, morale and motivation - ensuring a content and competent team at all times.

Unite your team with proven strategies

Tests that are replacing resumes

Since 2001, we have been providing talent tools which enable you to select staff, develop employees and retain valued staff. You can see a full list of Skillsarena’s services below.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we often get asked. If you need any more information, just get in touch and we will be happy to answer your queries.

What kind of questions are on a skills test?

Typically, a skills test asks a variety of questions in different formats to see how candidates perform on-the-job tasks. A good skills test includes questions that are capable of being answered by someone already doing the job and can accurately measure key performance metrics. Register for your free account and get started today. 

What is the purpose of a skills assessment?

Skills tests—otherwise known as skills assessments, ability tests, aptitude tests, professional skills tests, and more—are online assessments used by organisations to accurately determine an individual’s skill level within a particular field or career. An employer will use the results of skills assessments to determine a prospective recruit’s potential to perform the duties required of the job. Register for your free account today.

How do I assign a test to a candidate?

We have made our platform super easy to use. Once you have registered for your free account we recommend you watch our Quick Start Guide or book a demo where we show you how to add candidates, select and assign the appropriate assessments and invite them to complete the tests for you to review. All information is held safely within our system so all you need to do is login to evaluate the best candidates for your organisation. Click here to register for your account and start today.

What is a psychometric test?

Psychometric tests are different types of assessments that are designed to measure and evaluate a candidate's potential for a specific job role. These tests can measure a range of different abilities, skills and knowledge to provide insight into how an applicant will perform in a variety of job-related situations and scenarios. The most common psychometric tests are aptitude tests, personality tests and skills tests.

They allow candidates to be judged on their skills and abilities only, attempting to remove any bias as no personal information is revealed about the candidate prior to psychometric tests, allowing for objective judgements to be made. 

Read our blog to find out more about what is in a psychometric test

What are cognitive skills assessments?

When it comes to the assessment of cognitive skills, our logical reasoning tests are a great place to start. These tests give valuable insight into how an individual perceives, uses and interprets information in a professional setting. We have two logical reasoning tests available for the assessment of numerical and verbal reasoning. 

Find out more about the importance of cognitive diversity in teams

How effective are situational judgement tests?

A Situational Judgement Test - otherwise known as an SJT or Situational Strengths Test - is a kind of psychometric test that measures the skills and behaviours of prospective employees, such as their soft skills, common sense, non-academic behaviours and practical intelligence.

Off-the-shelf SJTs can be an effective general practice for employers. However, to gain maximum value, we can create bespoke Situational Judgement Tests to the specifications of your organisation and its unique challenges. By working closely with you, we create SJT questions custom-built to the characteristics, values and culture of your company. 

Find out more about Situational Judgement Tests here. 

Discover how effective situational judgement tests are by reading our blog. 

What are personality colours and how can they inform your next hire?

Assessing the behavioural tendencies of both job candidates during the recruitment process and current employees undergoing review allows recruiters and line managers to understand at a glance whether a particular individual will perform as expected and whether their personality aligns with that of your company culture.

Whether used in staff development or as part of the interview process, by providing a selection of insightful questions, your organisation will be able to dive deeper into an individual’s personality to help them reach their true potential.
The results of the personality test will filter results into one of four main colours / behavioural styles: red, yellow, green and blue.

Find out more about our profiling tools and team workshops or call Vicki on 0203 6933 2201 for more information.

You may also be interested in our blog: What are personality colours and how can they inform your next hire?

Can I integrate Skillsarena with our ATS?

At Skillsarena, we don't just provide industry-leading skills assessment tools. We can integrate with a variety of software companies to provide seamless recruitment management solutions for your organisation at every level. Whether you require an all-in-one ATS, effective talent pool management or automated skill assessment content, we have something for every business enterprise.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Why use skills tests?

Using aptitude tests for skills as part of your standard recruitment process enables you to objectively measure and select applicants based on their suitability for the role. The more suitable they are, the higher the chance of them being successful within your organisation.

By testing an applicant’s skills alongside their CV and interview, employers will make recruitment decisions that are insightful and informed.

Register for your free account to find out for yourself.

How long will it take to set up my account?

It takes no more than a minute for you to register for an account. We then run our internal checks and activate the account. This is done within minutes between 09.00 and 17.00 GMT. Out of these times it will be the next working day. You can purchase additional credits, upgrade your account or cancel at any time.

Register for free to claim 4 free credits.  

How can assessments help me reduce company turnover?

Having the right people in the right roles will lead to a reduced turnover rate. Often companies who do not test find that once a candidate is placed, they do not have the skills required for the role. This leads to an unhappy employee, an increased cost in training, the potential of management overhead and the costs of rehiring. Importantly, there are often significant indirect costs with disruption to the established team. If you assess before hiring, you can be confident that the candidate has the skills required to be successful.

We've outlined more tips in our article How to Avoid Making a Bad Hire here.

How do I know it’s the candidate taking the assessment?

We offer anti-cheat (proctoring) measures that record snapshots of a candidate taking a test so you can be confident it really is the candidate who has completed it.

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