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Consistent Measure

Doesn’t matter where the candidate applies from, you have an objective measure of ability.

process ADDEd Value

Supports your existing recruitment process and can integrate into your ATS or HR Systems.

Qualified shortlist

Quality time spent reading CV’s and interviewing only those candidates that have the core skills.

Completion success

No downloads for you or your candidates meaning less barriers to assess candidates.

Informed decisions

The ability to make clear and confident decisions for new hires, succession planning and training.

Increased retention

With the right skills, candidates become operationally efficient quicker and stay longer.

Our Products

Realistic Job Profile

Share with your potential applicants what its REALLY like to work in your organisation.

Applicants apply understanding what will be required of them, giving you 100% of candidates that want ‘your job’ not ‘a job’. 


situational judgement

Assess how candidates may approach specific situations encountered in the workplace.

With four approaches to prioritise, you can understand their values and behaviours in given situations.

Skills Tests

A vast range of online assessments to measure core skills and abilities.

From job-based simulations to Microsoft Office, from literacy and numeracy to measuring ability in performing critical tasks.


A powerful personality profile  presented in plain English using one common language or colour.

Understand the individual, their team fit,  home working style and tailored interview questions based on their personlity. 


Create your own

Convert your paper tests to online or get creative to design something innovative.

Working together we can bespoke our tests, convert yours from paper or create new tests to support your unique needs.


Our Customers

Our clients operate in a wide spectrum of industries giving testament to the suite of products that we offer and the flexibility within them.

We are extremely proud of the fact that over 98% of customers choose to work with us year after year. Our supportive, knowledgeable and non-pressurised approach is what they welcome.

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“The bespoke test that Skillsarena created for us was a highly effective solution to a big problem. Our client was delighted with the outcome of the project.”
Head of Assessment and Development
"We use Character DNA to help us with recruitment and to supplement our existing recruitment processes. It's important to hire the right people for the right job. It is also be a useful for creating teams for specific projects. It's a great tool, very user friendly and Skillsarena provide fantastic customer service!"
HR Manager
“Character DNA has been highly effective at ensuring we appoint individuals into the organisation that can contribute to our positive and engaging culture”
HR Manager
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“The feedback from candidates has been that tests are very easy to complete, clear and concise as well as projecting SECOM as a modern, forward thinking company and one
they would really like to work for.”
Managing Director
“Skillsarena was chosen because the assessments administered allowed us to track user actions in a simulated environment, rather than simply just offering the candidate multiple choice questions.”
Training Manager
“Character DNA has been highly effective at ensuring we appoint individuals into the organisation that can contribute to our positive and engaging culture”
HR Manager
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Our Integrations

We can integrate with software companies to provide a seamless solution for you in your organisation. Examples of who we are integrated with are below. If you would like an integration, please get in touch to discover the possibilities.






Skillsarena welcomes “Partner” enquiries from highly capable and professional people and organisations who share our business ethics and approach.

Enquiries maybe industry, sector, country or service focused and we offer the opportunity to adopt and adapt our solutions for your sector or industry.

Adopting our solutions will add value to your existing customer base, providing a unique selling point and also enable the opportunity to open new markets and entry points in your sector.

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