10 Simple Steps to Securing a New Job

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'Steps to Success' programme
The Skillsarena ‘Steps to Success’ programme has been designed by a group of recruitment, assessment and interview professionals.

It offers easy to follow advice on securing a new job.

If followed and used effectively, the 10 steps will help you optimise your job search. Each step is linked to the next and will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure your job hunt is successful.

The information is provided as a free, self-paced set of information which can be adopted wholly, in part or as you see fit. It does not guarantee a job.

Overview of the 10 Steps
You can find out more information about each step here.
Our top tips for securing a new job
To help you get off to a flying start, we've prepared some top tips on how to navigate through the employment maze.
  • Tip 1: Focus on you

    focus on youLook after number one. It’s down to you. It’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to hand it to you on a plate. If you want a job you are going to have to go and get it.

    Let the employer worry about whether you have the right skills and do NOT underestimate your abilities. Just because you haven’t done that job before or have the necessary experience doesn’t mean it isn’t for you.

    Understand your transferable skills. These are the core skills you have, have learnt or have experience in that can be used in your next role.

  • Tip 2: Make that move

    make that moveIf you apply or register interest for a job make a note of the company and the job title.Imagine being contacted by a potential employer and not remembering anything about it!

    Proof read your CV!! There is NO excuse for pour speling and gramer. Even if you can’t spell, the computer does it for you and puts a big red line under it. Poor spelling will stand out and screams laziness.

    When you get a call remember to act enthusiastically and professionally.

  • Tip 3: Money, money, money

    money money moneyLook at your work/life balance. Lets face it, very few people work for free. Most of us have bills to pay, lives to live and dreams to follow. However, be realistic! 

    Money is NOT everything. Numerous employee surveys put recognition, reward, belonging and being part of something way above money.  

    This does not mean you should undervalue yourself. However, doing something you enjoy will be far more rewarding that waking up every morning dreading going to work.  

  • Tip 4: What do most employers really want?

    employers want

    1. Someone who is reliable, trustworthy, honest and dependable.  
    2. Someone who is enthusiastic, personable and does what they say they will do. 
    3. Someone who that wants YOUR job rather than any old job.
    4. Someone who wants to work here and is enthusiastic about the product / company 
    5. Someone who has the right core skills  
    6. Someone who has the will and capability to learn 
    7. Someone who they want to work with every day!