According to Recruiting Blogs, Millennials are on track to overtake the Baby Boomers as the largest age group and will therefore become the dominate force in the workplace. In 2014 EMarketer quoted that Millennials represent nearly 23% of the UK population, so employers better take note!

What are Millennials?

The term Millennials applies to those who reached their adulthood around the start of the 21st Century and have grown up in a new digital age. Graduates leaving University who are on the hunt for their first job are increasingly more online and social-savvy than their predecessors, and have a better grasp of the ever-changing world around them. It is their innovative ideas & understanding of new job roles that are emerging and essential to help a business move with the times.

The question is, are businesses ready for these new age Millennials? Hiring Managers that fail to embrace and plan for this change in demographics are expected to face a talent black hole in the next five to ten years.

Millennials tend to have a whole new set of ideals and expectations when it comes to working and so ensuring they fit well with a company’s current employees is critical. This is where Skillsarena’s Character DNA profile is the perfect tool. Being able to understand how candidates’ personality traits complement existing employees will ensure that they fit comfortably into the team, the business and its dynamic.

Utilising Character DNA – psychometric test

With our Psychometric Test – Character DNA, all members of the team- old and new- can gain an insightful view into their own personal style of working and compare it to their team members to understand everyone’s own intrinsic communication styles. The findings can help a team to understand how best to work together based on everyone’s natural style, which can bring a host of benefits. It can help managers understand the skills and working styles of this new group of ambitious individuals who require a different management approach. For example, Millennials require regular praise and ongoing feedback, something many managers may not be used to giving.

Character DNA would allow managers to better understand these young individuals’ strengths and weaknesses as well as how they may prefer to work or react in certain situations. As well as being a useful tool during recruitment, having this information from the whole team completing the Character DNA will allow every individual the knowledge needed in order to work as harmoniously as possible.

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