Numerical Reasoning Test

numerical reasoning test
With our Numerical Reasoning Test you will measure the following skills:
Mental Agility
Lateral Thinking
Logic & Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning Test details:
numerical reasoning test

Numerical Reasoning Test

This assessment is designed to test an individual’s ability to utilise a wide range of numerical reasoning skills. This is done by requiring candidates to apply logic and reasoning in order to answer numerical-based questions.

Types of questions include: simplifying algebraic equations, number sequences, lateral thinking and numerical comprehension.

This test has progressive difficulty, with questions becoming harder as a candidate progresses through the test. The first 10 questions are at fundamental level, questions 11 to 20 are at core level and the final 10 questions are at professional level. Further information about the Numerical Reasoning Test can be found here.

why should i use a numerical reasoning test

Why should I use a Numerical Reasoning Test?

Are you recruiting for a position that requires the person to be confident using numbers and for them to be logical? If yes, this test is for youNumerical Reasoning tests are used to measure a person’s general numerical aptitude. 

To see the test in action, you can arrange a free demo. You can read more benefits of a numerical reasoning test here.

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Everything you need to know about Skillsarenas’ Skill Tests

Test levels available:
Questions 1-10

At this level candidates are required to select the correct answer from multiple choice options which are presented to them.

A candidate taking the Fundamental level is expected to have subject knowledge aligned to a foundation level GCSE graduate.

Questions 11-20

At this level candidates are required to solve more complex problems and are given an answer box to manually enter answers.

A candidate taking the Core level of a test is expected to have subject knowledge aligned to a higher level GCSE graduate.

Questions 21-30

At this level candidates are required to provide manual answers which require advanced maths & logic.

A candidate taking the Professional level is expected to have subject knowledge aligned to an A-Level graduate.

With a Numerical Reasoning Test you will:
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