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numerical reasoning test
what is numerical reasoning
What is a Numerical Reasoning Test?
Designed to test an individual’s ability to utilise a wide range of numerical reasoning skills. This is done by requiring candidates to apply logic and reasoning in order to answer numerical-based questions. Types of questions include: simplifying algebraic equations, number sequences, lateral thinking and numerical comprehension.

Questions are presented in a variety of question formats including: manual answer boxes and multiple choice questions.

This test has progressive difficulty, with questions becoming harder as a candidate progresses through the test.

The first 10 questions are at fundamental level, questions 11 to 20 are at core level and the final 10 questions are at professional level.

why should is use a numerical reasoning test
Why should I use a Numerical Reasoning Test?

Are you recruiting for a position that requires the person to be confident using numbers and for them to be logical? If the answer is yes then this test is exactly what you need.

Numerical Reasoning tests are used to measure a person’s general numerical aptitude, based on facts and figures. 

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With a Numerical Reasoning Test you will
Numerical Reasoning Test sample question
Example Numerical Reasoning Test question

Please read the following information and answer the question below. Answer the question according to the information shown in the graph.

The following statement is correct.  “The combined sales of Audi and Kia branded cars exceeds the sales of Volkswagen.”

() True

() False

() Insufficient Information

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