Verbal Reasoning Test

verbal reasoning test
what is a verbal reasoning test
What is a Verbal Reasoning Test?

The test is designed to assess an individual’s ability to use a wide range of verbal reasoning skills. In addition it assesses their ability to apply logic and reasoning to answer verbal based questions.

Questions are presented in a variety of formats including: true or false statements, multiple choice questions and questions with manual entry answers.

Candidates are required to answer questions on the following areas: letter sequences, deductive reasoning dilemmas, reading comprehension and analogy.

This test has progressive difficulty. Questions become harder as a candidate progresses through the test.

why should i use a verbal reasoning test
Why should I use a Verbal Reasoning Test?

If you’re hiring for a position requiring specific understanding and comprehension skills, then our specific Verbal Reasoning Test is exactly what you need.

It is a form of aptitude test to assess verbal logic. It looks at how someone can distinguish the correct meaning, context and/or specific data from a set of information.

You may also be interested in the following complimentary tests: reading comprehension, numerical reasoning, vocabulary

With a Verbal Reasoning Test you will
Verbal Reasoning Test sample question
Example Verbal Reasoning Test question

Please read the following text & answer the question which follows. Answer the question according to only the information shown.

During the summer holidays, many hospitality firms feel the pressure of increased demand & require extra part-time staff on temporary contracts. Full-time staff are allowed to use paid holiday leave during the summer holidays. Whilst on a temporary part-time contract, staff entitlements & benefits compared to full-time staff benefits, may differ. Typically affected can be items such as annual bonuses, paid holiday leave or paid medical leave.

The following statement is correct: “Part-time staff are able to cover the workload of full-time staff on holiday leave.”

() True

() False

() Insufficient information

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