Author: Denise Allen

Top things to consider when Hiring Christmas Temps

hiring christmas temps

Retail businesses are now well into the final quarter of 2018. For many, this will be a key time to make as many sales as they can. With increased footfall…

Six Skills you will need in 2019

skills you will need in 2019

January is here and many professionals will be considering a new job to kick-start the New Year. If this sounds familiar, it could be time to dust of your CV,…

Making your Recruitment Process more Treat than Trick

How to make sure your recruitment process is more treat than trick

The witching hour is fast approaching. The nightmare of small children dressed as ghouls and ghosts will soon be here. The knock on your door, the pumpkins carved and lit…

Using Colour in Personality Profiling

Using Colour in Personality Profiling

Numerous companies, across different industries are now discovering the benefits of using colour in personality profiling. Whether this is for recruitment or team development purposes. Many individuals understand the benefits…

How to Ease and Improve the Recruitment Process

ease the recruitment process

As we provide a consultancy service, we are often asked ‘how can we ease and improve the recruitment process?’. Here are our top tips. Applying for a new job is…

Ten Tips for Interview Success

tips for interview success

Most people dread interviews. However, since they are a necessary part of looking for a new job, it makes sense to know how to handle them. Here are our 10 tips…

How to Transform the Staff Appraisal Process

staff appraisal process

Statistics show 96% of HR leaders believe their appraisals are not effective. That is a sobering figure. It means only a handful are happy with the results their appraisals are…

Situational Judgement Tests help the Recruitment Process

recruiting employees

Recruitment can be tricky which is why many companies are now looking to Situational Judgement Tests to help the recruitment process. Some would say you can never tell whether you…

How to Pick Better Employees

how to pick better employees

The process of recruiting employees is often tricky. You never really know a candidate until they have been with your organisation for a matter of weeks or more commonly months….

How common is Stress in the Workplace?

stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace is certainly a hot topic at the moment. There are some who may say stress is a fashionable reason to be signed off work. Sometimes, it…