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What makes an employee great in your team 

What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is an exercise to ensure that when you recruit in the future, the assessments you choose, and your expected ‘pass mark’, are realistically aligned to the skills of your employees who are already successful in the role.

We often hear our clients say that they would like people to have so many words per minute for example. On paper this sounds great but isn’t an actual representation of those who are already successful in the role in their organisation. Ultimately whilst we of course want the top performers in front of us at interview, its always important to benchmark new recruits against those already successfully performing the role.

The Benchmarking Steps

You select a number of great performers to take the test and then take their average score as the benchmark for passing the test for future candidates.



Identify the skills you want to measure and recruit for in the future.



Select and engage your successful team members you want to clone.



Measure and review the teams results against expectations and needs.



Set the benchmark, assessments and levels for future hires.

Why should I benchmark?

why use rjp

Selecting the right candidates to interview is crucial to your recruitment process. By using the Skillsarena testing process to assess candidates you can objectively measure and select based on their suitability and skills for the role.

How do you know what skills and skill level you are looking for if you don’t have a comparison of these for your top performers?

Benchmarking your current employees is the answer!

You can ensure that the assessments you choose, such as a Microsoft test, Data Entry, Verbal reasoning or many others, your pass mark and selection criteria is realistic for future hires.

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