Microsoft Office Training for Your Staff

Leo Rolf

Posted 21/06/2017
by Leo Rolf

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Microsoft Office Training for Your Staff

There are many ways in which your company will benefit from providing employees with Microsoft Office training

These Microsoft tests can be used throughout the full employee life cycle. Starting with recruiting or providing new recruits with the right skills; filling in gaps in existing employee's knowledge; or even helping prepare more established employees for promotion by providing them with the skills to be able to deal with their new responsibilities.

Training can be used to address any skills shortages you may have within your teams or just to provide re-training on software upgrades to ensure standard levels of competency within your workforce. It can be somewhat of a challenge to keep up with the latest software versions as they change almost every year, and so many adults lack the formal training for many of the newer software programs.

According to a survey by Crucial, 20% of Office Workers feel embarrassed by their lack of basic IT skills in the office and 7% dont know how to use Microsoft Office.

4 benefits of online Microsoft Office training:

    1. Flexibility — Online Microsoft Office training is so much more flexible than traditional in-person training at the office, as it allows workers to go online at any time which is convenient for them and from any location to learn, practice and take the test.
    2. Affordability — Bringing in an expert in Microsoft Office applications from outside the office can be quite costly, especially when many hours of training are required and if you need to cover travel and accommodation costs. Online training is often more affordable as it does not require any overheads.
    3. Individualised Training — Online Microsoft Office training can be assigned individually at different levels or for different Office applications dependant on the needs of the individual and their level of expertise. In-person group training simply cannot meet these same needs as well because every learner has to be doing the same course at the same time and must stay at the same pace throughout the training.
    4. Productivity — Online training sessions can be scheduled and taken outside of normal work hours if required so that workers do not have to sacrifice some of their on-the-clock time for training. This means that workers do not have to take a break from their tasks and potentially fall behind on their projects.

Overview of Skillsarena's Microsoft Office skill tests

Skillsarena Microsoft Office “simulations” are designed to simulate the product and cover a wide range of functionality, tracking the candidate’s answers through a combination of selection, keyboard short cuts and right clicks. They test a candidates ability to use Microsoft software applications in a fully simulated test platform. Choose from Word TestExcel TestPowerPoint Test and Outlook Test assessments and you can choose the level required at the point of assignment.

For further information

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