Using Colour in Personality Profiling

Leo Rolf

Posted 22/10/2018
by Leo Rolf

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Using Colour in Personality Profiling

Numerous companies, across different industries are now discovering the benefits of using colour in personality profiling. Whether this is for recruitment or team development purposes. Many individuals understand the benefits of personality profiling when it comes to recruitment but what about team development and improving team communication? It can be just as effective for this purpose.  

Using colour in personality profiling for team development

How do you ensure everybody in the room quickly understands significantly different personalities and work preferences? How do you get everybody to appreciate and understand each other’s value to the team and communication styles and needs? How do you draw out your introverts and get your extroverts to listen? The answer lies with using colour in Personality Profiling.  

How colour can be used in personality profiling

Skillsarena has created a unique Personality Profiling tool. This enables you to learn how colour can be used to describe personality, understand who you are and how you are perceived in a team and learn how to communicate effectively depending on individual preferences and improve team meetings. The tool can be used across the business, from improving motivation, to understanding team fit, to creating project teams, to understanding preferred communication styles and improving the working environment, helping co-workers better understand each other and teaching them to value the different strengths within the team.

It analyses four elements of personality; introversion, extroversion, thinking and feeling.

These are represented by colours; blue, green, red and yellow. You can be a rainbow, but most people are predominantly one colour,  which gives a clear picture of personality and communication style.

  Red= Confident, Direct, Driven, Focused, Leader     

  Green= Inclusive, Democratic, Caring, Diplomatic, Loyal     

  Yellow= Enthusiastic, Visionary, Optimistic, Trusting, Creative     

  Blue= Conscientious, Meticulous, Logical, Methodical, Calm     To get a better understanding, view a Personality Profiling report.  

Personality Profiling and Team Communication Workshops

The reports proved so popular with clients that we now also deliver Team Communication Workshops which have been a hit with companies across the UK. The Team Communication Workshop is an interactive and enjoyable team development session.  It lasts for three hours, with up to 15 attendees and will be conducted at a location to suit you. The key learning outcomes are as follows: 

  • Learn how colour can be used to describe personality.
  • Understand who you are and how you are perceived in a team environment.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively depending on individual preferences and improve team meetings.
  • Learn how different colour types are perceived by their opposite colour.

Although the sessions are highly structured with a clear goal, they are conducted in a fun and light-hearted way to ensure learning is taken on board and effective team development is instilled.  

To find out more

To find out more about using colour in personality profiling for recruitment and team development purposes, call Vicki on: +44 (0)203 693 2201 or email us.

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