CORONAVIRUS: A message from Skillsarena CEO Jason Pierce

Jason Pierce

Posted 23/03/2020
by Jason Pierce

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We have all learned in no uncertain terms that nature is powerful thing and knows no borders, no boundaries, can’t be reasoned or negotiated with. As the uncertainties of the Coronavirus continue to develop, the impacts are being felt by many and plans and mitigation continue to evolve in many ways around the world. Right now; I want you to know that we are here, will be uninterrupted, willing and available to listen and to support the new needs and challenges you will have.  Skillsarena business is uninterrupted by design and I am proud to say that all of our business continuity plans for our staff and associates have been fully exercised and implemented and without any interruption to service or support. We are up scaling our planned road-map and already working on some exciting and innovative new tools.  These new tools will help you meet this challenging change and support this new way of working head on. 

Game Changer?

With no doubt, we will get through this but “back to normal?” Whilst these are unprecedented short to medium term challenges, I feel this will change the landscape of future working and methods in both the immediate aftermath and for generations to come. As the recession of 2008 subsided, did anything really change? The activity and volumes did of course but the impact of that legacy has not. The changes to: 

  • Purchasing decisions
  • Risk adversity
  • Processes
  • Methods
  • Lead times to decisions...

...that came about as a direct result of the recession hitting, for the most part, still remain very much the norm today. As the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity land of home working we have been forced into subsides, many individuals and organisations who have been forced into the “home working pilot” will be asking some pertinent questions; It did work…. right? we did find a way… and in the process of patting ourselves on the back, then ask; why change? Individuals may have just found a work/life balance, we have all just found a small space in our homes we never even knew we had (even if some are under the stairs! and the organisations will find a way to become efficient and perhaps they will ask; why we need that office at all!

New challenges

What we need to look out for is how that will change the landscape of management, motivation and leadership for the increased “remote workforce”. We must have our eyes wide open and moreso be open to that change. We must recognised that relationships and the ability to nurture them as we have will change, and banter, tone and body language are inaccessible skills, and replacing those wonders of human nature and behaviour are the flourishing dangers of “written communication” intention, tone and its “interpretation” by those we need to get the most from.

Changing the game?

We are working on it. Remote or home working is not for everyone by choice and its inevitable, some of us and our teams are going to struggle in this short term forced nature. Critical to making it work and the best it can be, right here, right now and for the long term is two fold; for individuals to understand themselves and for organisations and management to know who those individuals are, who can work remotely and what they need from them to sustainability flourish in doing so. 

Watch this space and our blogs for updates or get in touch directly and I will add you to my personal distribution list. I look forward to telling you about the new tools and how they can help support the changing game. They didn’t let me out at the best of times so I would be delighted if you would like to get in touch directly @ or contact Vicki @ Keep well

Jason Pierce,  CEO Skillsarena

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