How to Ease and Improve the Recruitment Process

Leo Rolf

Posted 16/10/2018
by Leo Rolf

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How to Ease and Improve the Recruitment Process

As we provide a consultancy service, we are often asked 'how can we ease and improve the recruitment process?'. Here are our top tips.

Applying for a new job is a daunting process. However, as recruitment teams across the country know, their side of things is challenging too. Finding the right people can involve a lot of guesswork and gut feelings if you rely on application forms and interviews.

Fortunately, adding testing to the mix will help you ease and improve the recruitment process. We explore the possibilities and advantages of each below, highlighting the advantages they can bring to your business.

Instant skills tests help ease and improve the recruitment process

If you are confronted with hundreds of applicants, how can you tell which ones you should invite for interview? Scanning a large quantity of CVs and application forms makes it very easy to miss out on good candidates. You may only have a limited time to complete this task, further putting pressure on you to find the best people without missing anyone.

Using skills tests to find the most suited applicants for the available roles will help you complete these tasks far sooner. The tests can be implemented online, making it easy for everyone to take them. They can help you identify those with the correct core skills, or those who are most adept at using relevant programs such as Microsoft Office. This reduces the time required to sift through initial applications, while highlighting the best people for the job. You’re guaranteed not to miss anyone you’d like to interview.

Ease and improve the recruitment process with personality profiling 

Are you looking for a certain type of person? Someone who is outgoing, or perhaps someone who can be relied upon to work independently? Most applicants will say they can work in the manner you would like them to. But can you trust what they say?

By asking applicants to complete a personality profile test, you’ll find out more about their character DNA. Our personalities influence the way we behave in life – and in our work. Far better to find out how people are going to react before they join the team.

Once you’ve begun to narrow the field, personality profiling allows you to look more closely at each person. You’ll soon discover who might fit into your team – and who may stand out in the wrong way.

Situational judgement tests help you figure out how people will handle real-world situations

situational judgement test

Regardless of how in-depth an interview may go, it is impossible to tell how someone will react in a typical work-based situation until after they have been employed. You can ask questions and highlight different scenarios, but this falls short of what they may experience.

Hence why situational judgement tests are essential in finding out how your candidates will react in work-related situations and can help ease the recruitment process.

These tests can be developed to suit the needs of your company. No two businesses will present candidates with identical situations and scenarios. By developing specific tests that closely represent situations a candidate may experience, it is possible to find out who can best cope with the challenges that lie ahead. As such, bespoke testing can form a crucial part of the recruitment process. It can help highlight the right skills and the right person for each role you have in mind.

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