Graduates can’t cope with Office Life

Leo Rolf

Posted 11/07/2017
by Leo Rolf

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Graduates can’t cope with Office Life

Graduates can't cope with office life after leaving the world of schooling. The 2017 UK University Graduate Employment Study by Accenture Strategy, found that almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of recent graduates believe they are underemployed, raising concerns that their expectations are out of touch with the realities of working life.

According to a recent CBI/Person Education & Skills survey of 344 firms, 32 percent were dissatisfied with graduates' 'attitudes and behaviours of self-management and resilience' and  40 per cent saying they lacked customer awareness, with Dr Mary Bousted, Head of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, putting the blame on the cuts the education has endured.

“With savage cuts to further education funding since 2009... it is unsurprising that businesses are struggling to find enough skilled staff.”

Graduates can't cope with office life after leaving school

The survey looks at the education & skills landscape in 2017 and believes that many young people still leave school without the solid educational foundations needed for success in the working environment. On the academic side alone, more than a third of candidates did not achieve a grade C or better in GCSE English (39.8%) and maths (39%). Not only that but careers advice and guidance given to young people was judged as overwhelmingly poor, with 84% of companies surveyed saying the quality and consistency of careers advice is inadequate.

Rod Bristow, Pearson’s President, UK and Core Markets, said: "This year's report shows that now, more than ever, the UK needs a coherent education system that delivers high quality and flexible options for everyone to keep learning; that makes the most of our talent and bridges the gap from education into employment more efficiently."

Therefore more and more businesses are looking to improve things for themselves, with 81% of those surveyed having links to schools- actively engaging with schools to help support children and young people for later in life. The Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC), the recently created body tasked with improving business-school links, is known to 21% of firms and encouragingly 75% of those surveyed indicated a willingness to play a greater role by delivering careers advice directly in schools and colleges.

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