How to Choose the Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tool

Leo Rolf

Posted 21/03/2019
by Leo Rolf

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How to Choose the Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tool

If you’re looking for a helping hand when recruiting new staff, it is reassuring to know there are many tools on the market that can provide the support you need. However, having so many tools to choose from can present its own problem. How to choose the best pre-employment assessment tool?

Follow our step by step guide to choosing the best pre-employment assessment tool

There are several factors to consider that will assist in narrowing those options. Choosing the right tools to use will help speed up the recruitment process, not to mention increasing the odds of finding the best people for your business.

Step 1: Use pre-employment tests to help reduce the volume of applicants

Without skills tests, you would need to wade through CVs and applications alone. With these tests in place, this challenging first stage can be automated. You will be able to review only those applicants who display the necessary skills required for the jobs you are recruiting for.

Step 2: Consider which roles you need to fill

Recruiting for a call centre requires a very different set of skills to those needed when recruiting for a driving position. Fortunately, there are aptitude and core skill tests that can be adopted to help you find the best people for each role.

These pre-employment assessment tools can be chosen to align with different industries, positions, and demands.

The core idea is the same in each case – to help spot those people who are trained and experienced in filling the roles you have available. You may not be able to spot those people if you were to review all applications by hand. Certainly, you would not be able to complete the tasks in the same time.

industry specific pre-employment tests

Step 3: Look for pre-employment tests which are specific to your industry

These tests can be off-the-shelf ones or can be designed to your exact requirements. From retail to legal and logistics to the finance industry, finding industry-specific tests is another way to adopt pre-employment tools that will cut down on the amount of time required to find the ideal employees.

The power of such tests lies in their specificity. For instance, those working in the legal field may spend most of their days working on a computer. The same could be said of those working in finance. However, the roles taken on by those workers will be very different.

Asking applicants to sit tests based on those specific industries will provide far more useful and relevant information than if you asked them to sit tests based on their knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Both might be needed, but you would gain far more knowledge from the results of industry-specific tests.

Step 4: Consider will more than one pre-employment test give you the results you need?

There is no reason why several pre-employment tests couldn’t be adopted by someone looking to fill one or more roles. A lot will depend on the nature of the role and how complex and demanding it is.

By going through the elements that we have mentioned here, you can identify the most appropriate tests for your requirements. Filling job roles is never easy. Hiring the wrong person could be financially disastrous. Testing would-be employees as part of the application process saves time, money, and plenty of inconvenience too.

Looking for more information?

Skillsarena has developed many high-quality pre-employment tests for numerous industries and companies. We also develop bespoke tests to apply in specific scenarios. To discover how our range of skills tests and other products could help you, call our experts today on +44 (0)203 693 2201 to learn more. Alternatively, you can send an email with information about your requirements for more details about our services.

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