How Skillsarena Makes Interpreting Assessment Data Easy Breezy


Posted 28/08/2023
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How Skillsarena Makes Interpreting Assessment Data Easy Breezy


In the world of talent management, making informed decisions is crucial, and this is often based on intricate data. One of the most daunting challenges faced by HR professionals and hiring managers is interpreting complex assessment reports. This is where Skillsarena comes in. With a strong focus on providing intuitive and user-friendly assessment reports, Skillsarena simplifies the intricate process of evaluating candidates. In this article, we'll explore how Skillsarena takes the challenge out of deciphering assessment results, making the invisible, visible.

A Summary that Speaks Volumes

At the heart of Skillsarena's approach to simplified reporting is the summary section. Each of our assessment reports comes with a succinct summary that highlights the key information. This enables you, the decision-maker, to quickly assess a candidate’s suitability for a particular role. No more sifting through pages of data; the summary presents the most critical insights upfront, saving you time and effort.

Percentile Ranking for Comprehensive Understanding

What makes Skillsarena's assessment reporting even more powerful is the percentile ranking system. This system shows how a candidate's test results compare with others who have taken the same assessment—both within your organisation and worldwide. By situating an individual candidate's performance in a broader context, the percentile ranking allows for a more nuanced understanding of their capabilities.

Transparency in Assessment Results

Skillsarena believes in complete transparency when it comes to assessment results. Every test result is accompanied by a detailed breakdown of every question and answer data from the candidate, making it easier for hiring managers to understand the competencies and areas for improvement. The detailed section also provides context for the summary and percentile ranking, offering a fuller view of a candidate's skill set.

Real-Time Reporting

Speed is of the essence in the competitive world of talent acquisition and management. Skillsarena's real-time reporting ensures that you get assessment results almost instantly, allowing for quick, yet informed, decision-making.

You can also tailor the PDF output to present the data you want by including/excluding report data elements and content.

Worldwide Benchmarking

By aggregating data on a worldwide scale, Skillsarena's assessment reports offer a unique advantage. You are not just comparing candidates against a small pool; you are comparing them against a global database. This offers an extra layer of validation and assures you of your hiring or development decisions.


The real power of Skillsarena's approach to assessment reporting lies in its simplicity and depth. While the summary and percentile ranking give you an instant understanding of a candidate's suitability, the detailed breakdown and real-time features ensure that you have all the data you need to make informed decisions. Skillsarena makes interpreting assessment data not just easy but also breezy.

So, the next time you're grappling with complex assessment results, remember that Skillsarena has your back with its incredibly intuitive and insightful assessment reports.

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