How Technology helps Reduce Housing Admin

Leo Rolf

Posted 12/02/2019
by Leo Rolf

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Admin. It is a small word, yet it is one that has a huge impact on the recruitment process when recruiting for housing positions. More and more businesses are going paperless using technology, but can this be achieved when you are trying to recruit people to take on roles in the housing sector? The good news is you can achieve it – and possibly more easily than you might imagine. If you are recruiting for housing roles, you need to read the following advice to slash the amount of admin you may be faced with.  

Look at an alternative way when recruiting for housing positions

The basic format for finding new staff often follows this pattern: 

  • Advertising the available roles
  • Waiting for CVs and applications to flood in
  • Sifting through the CVs and applications
  • Narrowing these down to those you would like to interview
  • Offering roles to those that seem most suited to them

The process is often challenging – most obviously the potential to receive hundreds – possibly even thousands, in some cases – of CVs and applications. This leads to a mountain of admin work which must be completed before you can even hope to hire someone to fill those roles. The more paperwork you have to go through, the more likely it is you’ll miss the ideal candidate, too. The solution is to switch out this traditional method of sourcing candidates for pre-employment testing. This testing can be done online. It saves time too, because unqualified candidates will not get past these early testing stages. You will only be notified of those who seem ideal for the available posts. If you hate admin, you will love this practical and common-sense method of recruitment.   

Narrow the field and the paperwork pile when recruiting for housing positions

Every recruitment session, whether in the housing industry or any other industry, must include interviewing. The beauty of using pre-employment tests and skills tests is that you can identify the ideal interviewees without needing to go through tons of paperwork to find them. You needn’t rely on your own powers of concentration to process all that admin, either. It is all done for you, leaving you to review the best candidates for each housing post once the process is complete. You can then arrange interviews as necessary. 

When recruiting for housing positions use specially designed tests

You can consider using tests that are tailored towards finding the right people to fill housing roles. Those working in office-based roles could be asked to undertake Microsoft Office and clerical tests, for instance. Those who will deal with housing clients over the phone can benefit from taking call centre tests prior to being considered for interview. It is possible to develop a test purely for your company, whether you are in the private or public housing sector. It pays to consider the individual roles you are recruiting for and the nature of the tasks the successful candidates will take on. In doing so, you can choose the best pre-employment tests to use to find the ideal recruits to welcome to the housing industry.  

Contact us for further information

Are you trying to find ways of reducing admin when recruiting for housing roles? Regardless of the kinds of jobs you are offering, using pre-employment testing can reduce the paperwork you need to deal with. Skillsarena can provide you with tests suited to specific housing roles and to help speed up the process. Call now on +44 (0)203 693 2201 to find out which tests are best suited to you and your business. Alternatively, email us with details of your requirements (or simply to find out more) today.

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