How to Assess a Candidates Leadership Style

Leo Rolf

Posted 26/11/2019
by Leo Rolf

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How to Assess a Candidates Leadership Style

Good leaders lead from the top, they motivate fellow employees welcoming new ideas and adopting a collaborative team environment. Being a successful leader isn’t easy. However, it's a trait which many organisations require as part of their ideal candidate. What's more it's something which could be considered for all positions, even entry level roles, as it highlights an employees potential further down the line.  

Leadership Skills

When considering candidates for a Management role (e.g. Operations Manager, HR Manager, IT Manager), you must carefully consider several different soft skills and personality traits. These can include: 1. Communication Skills: How they encourage team members to present ideas and raise concerns 2. Decision Making: Their ability to make key decisions in a time pressured environment 3. Motivation: How they enthuse others to ensure they are productive and motivated 4. Team Working Skills: Their ability to work as part of a Management team 5. Creativity and Problem Solving: How they deal with challenges and conflicts in their team 6. Integrity: Their ability to handle confidential information and how they represent their organisations values and culture 7. Delegation: Are they able to successfully delegate tasks after identifying a colleague’s strengths and weaknesses  

Leadership Interview Questions

When interviewing candidates for leadership roles, specific interview questions help Hiring Managers get a greater insight into a candidate’s work ethic and management style. How they: • Manage (or collaborate in) a team to achieve goals • Motivate their subordinates/co-workers • Approach challenges and conflicts in a team • Reach decisions These interview questions can also reveal the leadership potential of candidates, even if they’re applying for entry-level roles.  

Skillsarena's Leadership Personality Report

To discover a candidate’s leadership style and whether it reflects your company culture, why not consider using Skillsarena’s Leadership Personality report. By completing a series of questions, a candidates strengths and development points are highlighted with regards to their leadership style. You can then delve deeper into these traits when carrying out interviews. Allowing you to discover whether a candidate has the skills and personality needed to be a successful leader in your organisation. To find out more about our Leadership Personality Report call +44 (0)203 693 2201 or email us.

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