Making your Recruitment Process more Treat than Trick

Leo Rolf

Posted 30/10/2018
by Leo Rolf

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Making your Recruitment Process more Treat than Trick

The witching hour is fast approaching. The nightmare of small children dressed as ghouls and ghosts will soon be here. The knock on your door, the pumpkins carved and lit in windows and on porches… the horror of Halloween is hiding around the corner. But for some, the real horror can lie elsewhere. If you are involved in recruiting for the upcoming festive season, it’s wise to ensure your recruitment and interview process is fit for purpose. You’ll want to find the right people for the available roles. Yet if you don’t have a solid interview process in place, you could be tricked into hiring the wrong people. That can lead to a nightmare far worse than anything Halloween might have in store.  

Instant online skills tests help ease the recruitment and interview process

For some recruiters, the quantity of applicants can become overwhelming to sift through. How can you tell which ones are perfect for a role without reading all the information in each CV or application form? And how can you tell who is being truthful about their skills and abilities? Skills tests can resolve this common problem. Online assessments are faster and easier for both applicants and employers to use. You may find a standard test would suffice; alternatively, bespoke tests can be developed to cater to specific needs. Whether you opt for one test or several, the online process makes it easier for people to take part. It also makes your life easier, providing you with a faster way of narrowing down what could be a large field of applicants. You’re then able to interview only those who closely fit the requirements you are looking for.  

During the recruitment process discover how applicants would act in relevant situations

situational judgement test

The interview process can cover this with a well-placed question or two. However, it would be good to discover the best-performing applicants prior to this stage. Interviewing takes time. Reducing the number of people reaching this stage has many practical advantages. Situational judgement tests (SJTs) provide you with an opportunity to see how applicants would react in various scenarios. Far better to discover the answers prior to interview than to get some nasty surprises once you have employed them. Read a recent article about SJTs here.  

Adding personality profiling to the recruitment and interview process

Discovering more about a person’s character before you hire them brings with it many advantages. Will they be well suited to working with your team or working alone? Will they respond well to working with the public? Are you looking for someone who can think for themselves and take appropriate actions when necessary? Personality profiling makes any recruitment and interview process more powerful. Our Personality Profiling test provides you with a far greater insight into an applicant than you would get from an interview alone. Discover whether someone is an introvert or extrovert, and how this would affect their job performance. You can also find out how they think and feel, enabling you to spot the applicants who would seamlessly fit into your company.  

Don’t be afraid…

Recruitment can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t need to be. Planning the recruitment and interview process beforehand by including the most appropriate tests guarantees a better result. Trying to complete the interview process quickly could cost you dearly. Make sure your next recruitment drive doesn’t turn into a horror-filled experience for you.

If you want your recruitment process to run smoothly, with no Halloween horrors, call Skillsarena on: + 44 (0)203 693 2201 or email us.

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