Learn How Important Transferable Skills Are and How to Highlight Them in Potential Candidates

Vicki Mann

Posted 31/01/2024
by Vicki Mann

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Learn How Important Transferable Skills Are and How to Highlight Them in Potential Candidates

In today's dynamic job market, employers are constantly seeking candidates who possess a wide range of skills, known as transferable skills. These skills go beyond the specific technical knowledge required for a job and play a crucial role in determining a candidate's adaptability and multifaceted capabilities.

As businesses strive to make informed hiring decisions, develop, manage, and retain valued staff, the importance of transferable skills cannot be overstated.

Skillsarena, a leading provider of talent management tools, understands the significance of transferable skills in the recruitment process. Their innovative solutions help employers effectively identify and highlight these skills, ensuring a better fit for roles that require adaptability and a diverse skill set.

Highlighting Transferable Skills with Skillsarena

1. Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs)

Situational Judgment Tests are a powerful tool for assessing candidates' problem-solving abilities and adaptability. These tests simulate real-world scenarios encountered in the workplace, requiring candidates to analyse data and propose solutions. By successfully navigating these scenarios, candidates showcase their capacity to think on their feet, a vital transferable skill for any role.

2. Team Building Workshops

Soft skills like communication, adaptability, teamwork, and leadership are often critical for success in the workplace. Skillsarena offers team building workshops that allow employers to evaluate these skills in candidates. Through simulated workplace interactions, candidates can demonstrate their ability to collaborate effectively, resolve conflicts, and inspire others—a clear indicator of their transferable skills.

3. Video Interviews

Video interviews have become an essential part of the recruitment process, saving both time and money. They also provide a unique opportunity for candidates to narrate how they have applied transferable skills such as leadership, adaptability, and communication in specific situations. Skillsarena's video interview platform helps employers gain insights into candidates' real-life experiences and their ability to adapt these skills to various contexts.

4. Online Skills Tests

Technical skills often have transferable applications across different industries. Skillsarena's online skills tests, including proficiency tests and simulations, enable candidates to demonstrate their adaptability and competence in utilising these skills in diverse contexts. This is especially valuable for employers seeking candidates who can quickly adapt to changing industry trends.

5. Bespoke Assessments (Create Your Own)

To ensure a precise match between job demands and candidate skills, Skillsarena offers bespoke assessments. Employers can create customised assessments that mirror the specific requirements of the position. This tailored approach helps unearth transferable skills that are directly relevant to the role, ensuring a perfect fit.

Key Transferable Skills for Employers

When considering candidates, it's essential to focus on specific transferable skills that are critical for success in today's workplace. Some of the key transferable skills to look for include:

Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital for collaboration and problem-solving.

Interpersonal Skills: The ability to build relationships and work well with others is a valuable asset.

Management Skills: Leadership, time management, and project management skills are crucial for leadership roles.

Clerical Skills: Organisational and administrative skills can be applied across various roles.

Research and Planning Skills: These skills demonstrate a candidate's ability to gather information and strategise.

Computer and Technical Skills: Proficiency in technology is increasingly important across industries.

Conflict Resolution: Candidates who can navigate conflicts positively are an asset to any team.

Inspiring Others: Leadership and motivation skills can drive team success.

Taking Initiative: Proactive individuals contribute to innovation and problem-solving.

Collaboration: The ability to work well with others enhances productivity.

Problem Solving: Critical thinking and analytical skills are transferable to various roles.

Adaptability: Flexibility in responding to changing circumstances is a valuable trait.

In conclusion, transferable skills are the linchpin of a successful workforce. With Skillsarena's talent management tools, employers can efficiently identify and highlight these skills in potential candidates.

By prioritising transferable skills, businesses can make informed hiring decisions, develop their teams, and ensure the retention of valued staff members who can adapt and excel in today's dynamic job market.

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