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Leo Rolf

Posted 10/01/2019
by Leo Rolf

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Traditional online Psychometric Tests have been used for many years to measure potential employees aptitude and intelligence.

However, are new forms of Psychometric Tests now leading the way when it comes to recruitment and staff development?

Skillsarena offers a form of  online Psychometric Test but with a difference! Introducing the Personality Profiling Tool.

Are companies moving from Online Psychometric Tests to Personality Profiling?

Personality Profiling is a psychometric profiling tool that allows you to see how personality influences elements of behaviour.

Completed online, participants grade different sets of words to identify traits which best and least describe their personalities.

Once this is complete, a personality report is generated based on the answers provided. Other names for this type of tool can also include: Personality Tests, Cognitive Tests or Aptitude Tests.

What does a Personality Profiling test measure?

It allows you to see an overview of your personal communication style, strengths, development points, and effective and ineffective communication methods.

It analyses four elements of personality; introversion, extroversion, thinking and feeling.

These are represented by colours; blue, green, red and yellow. You can be a rainbow, but most people are predominantly one colour,  which gives a clear picture of personality and communication style.

Red= Bold and determined, confident and optimistic.

Green= Considerate and caring, genuine concern for colleagues, and avoids conflict.

Yellow= Free spirited, friendly and optimistic, inspirational and open-minded.

Blue= Logical and analytical, structured and disciplined.

When can Personality Profiling be used?

Like psychometric tests, it can be used in a vast range of scenarios from recruitment to team-building, to customer service training to leadership development.

The test can be tailored to your specific needs, with a choice of different sections and presentation options. It can also be used at all levels within an organisation, on any size team.

How are results presented?

The reports are available instantly and display the information in simple, everyday language. You can view a sample report here.

No training is required to understand or interpret results and a typical report can be read and absorbed in three minutes.

By using the colours rather than numbers or symbols which are traditionally used in psychometric tests, it is easy to understand and visualise where individuals and members of a team fit.

If an entire team completes a profile, then they are placed on a ‘team wheel’ which shows how the team works together, based on everyone’s communication styles, as well as showing who is similar and who’s communication and working styles differ.

I'm considering using a Online Psychometric Test but why should I use your Personality Profiling test?

Completing a personality profile invites a host of benefits.

It allows an individual to better understand themselves, and allows them to understand everyone in their working team. This will encourage relationships to improve which will bring huge benefits to the team.

Everyone can understand and value each other’s differences, whilst working around these and improving communication by adapting to different behaviours.

What's more, unlike many traditional Psychometric Tests, the report is easy to interpret and no formal training is needed to understand and analyse the results.

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