Discover your true Colour with Personality Tests

Posted on Wed, March 08, 2017 by Vicki Mann

Discover your true Colour with Personality Tests

When deciding whether you should use Personality Tests as part of your recruitment programme, consider the following.

Over the weekend, one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches took place between former heavyweight champion David Haye and WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew, which saw Haye defeated and left people questioning what his next career move will be.

Before the match, a harsh war of words occurred between the two boxers, whilst post-match they appeared to be respectful and offer high praise to each other. A trait that may be common in boxing as ‘fighting talk’, may be looked on as normal in the industry, but wouldn’t go down quite as well in every day working life. This kind of behaviour may make you question what each boxer is really like as a person- are they the nice, charming, praise giving people they become after the match? Or the rough, fighting talk personalities that emerge pre-match? One way to test this would be to use a personality test.

What is a personality test?

what is personality profiling

A personality test allows you to see how an individual’s personality drives aspects of their behaviour. It helps to make it clear whether a potential candidate for a role would be a good fit for it, or can be used to identify how well a team work together, and how to enhance this based on everyone’s natural communication style.

Reports are broken down simply and are easy to understand with results based around four main colours- Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Although described in more detail in the report, the colours can be summarised by statements that describe them best; Greens are considerate, caring and see their role as working for harmony in the team. Yellows are enthusiastic, free spirited and see their role as the team’s visionary. Blues are analytical, structured and like to bring technical expertise and focus to a challenge. Reds are bold, determined, confident and challenging, sounding a lot like the above-mentioned boxers (at least before the fight).

Personality tests help recruitment and team development

team communication

Through revealing an individual’s true colours, it allows you to see how everyone in a team can effectively communicate to work together based on each other’s intrinsic styles. As well as being a hugely valuable tool for recruitment to ensure team fit, and could even be used to match employee and customer personalities to enhance relationships.

It is a strong way of measuring an individual’s real personality traits and finding out if the boxers were really being themselves before or after the match…

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