Skillsarena - Get to know us

Posted on Wed, August 17, 2016 by Vicki Mann

Skillsarena - Get to know us

Welcome to Skillsarena!

This is the first blog entry where Skillsarena will discuss and share our news and views related to recruitment and the industries we work with. This is the place where we will bring you valuable information, tips and success stories which, we hope, will all be useful to you. Not only that, we will keep you up to date with all of our new product launches as well as educating you on how our products can help your business in ways you never thought of!

Let us tell you a little bit about our company. Skillsarena, established in 2001, offers a host of products to ease your recruitment and development process. Our tools will help you to assess the skills of prospective employees, and they can assist in the process of managing your colleagues by centralising and delivering training content.

We do this through our range of online skills tests and psychometric tests, our learning management system, training and more. We are flexible in the ways in which you can purchase from us. This allows you to focus on ensuring you find the right people for your business and on ensuring that your workforce is as efficient as possible.

Our products, test modules and training are all developed in the UK and we are continually enhancing them to comply with, and take into account, current trends and new product updates and releases. The team are spread over the UK, with our main office in Chelmsford, Essex.

The aim of this blog is to help you to understand how we can assist you, as well as you getting know us as people. We also aim to be a voice of opinion and expertise in discussions around the wider recruitment industry.

We’ll be sharing tips, experiences, and views on a range of topics surrounding recruitment, (and having some fun as well!) We hope you enjoy!

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