Skillsarena Launches New staff Appraisal Tool

Vicki Mann

Posted 01/03/2017
by Vicki Mann

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We are excited to launch our new staff appraisal tool, Performance 360. This launch is the latest in a series of new products we’re bringing to the market during 2017.  

So, what is this staff appraisal tool?

Simply put, Performance 360 - 360 degree feedback is a product that allows feedback to be obtained about an employee’s performance from a number of different sources at all levels in your organisation. Typical employee feedback is usually top-down from a Manager to a direct report, but with 360 feedback, you receive reviews from peers, managers, customers, subordinates and even those who are not closely connected with you in the organisational structure, e.g. an accountant can receive feedback from an engineer as they work together on some projects but are in different areas of the business.

In the style of a questionnaire, Performance 360 asks each respondent the same set of questions about a person’s performance. Questionnaires generally include rated-scale questions, and free text answers where the respondent can leave comments. 

What does the staff appraisal tool measure?

Performance 360 questionnaires are often created based on a set of competencies or behaviours, and questions measure how well the person performs in these areas. Performance 360, along with a self-assessment lets you see a comprehensive view of performance from all angles.  It measures a participant’s strengths and weaknesses in different situations, as well as then offering constructive feedback and succession planning.

When can it be used?

Performance 360 can be beneficial in two main scenarios; as part of staff appraisals, or as part of a learning and development programme.

As part of a staff appraisal, it can be used to gather feedback on where an employee has performed well, or could improve. Although useful in any organisation to get a broader view of an individual’s performance, it is particularly useful in complex organisations where reporting lines may not always be clear, or a manager may not have much direct contact with the employee. It allows for a more rounded view of the individual’s performance and could highlight qualities in a person that are not obvious to their manager.

Performance 360 would also be beneficial as part of a learning and development programme, whereby an employee’s performance is assessed at the start of the programme to see where they can make improvements, and then again at the end of the programme to highlight any developments made and any further areas for improvement. Getting feedback from different sources is essential for learning and development, as people rarely have an exact view of the way they come across to different people.

How is the feedback presented?

Once feedback is complete, our system generates a clear, easy to understand report to show and analyse results from the staff appraisal. Most feedback is anonymous, so responses are collated into one single document to be fed back to the individual. It allows comparison of actual results against a benchmark score that can be set. The report also shows analysis by category or question, depending on how you want it to be displayed. Also, if previous 360 programmes have been completed, these can be added even if they were run on another system, allowing a full report overview.

Why should I use this staff appraisal tool?

For the individual, it is an unbiased way to find out how you are seen by colleagues. You can then compare this to your own self-perception to understand where differences in opinion may lie.

For companies, it shows your commitment to developing staff and reinforces the link between competency and behaviour. And, it’s equally suitable for a large development programme for 1,000 Managers or a single individual to map progress.  It offers a transparent and fair process that encourages feedback, giving you the ability to ask a range of different questions to clients or colleagues.

For further information

If you think your team or organisation would benefit from using our staff appraisal tool, get in touch today to find out more. Call Skillsarena on +44 (0)203 693 2201 or email us

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