Top Skills Employers are Looking For

Leo Rolf

Posted 20/10/2017
by Leo Rolf

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Top Skills Employers are Looking For

According to Recruiting Times, a survey undertaken from the likes of Microsoft, Target Jobs, the BBC and other organisations has identified the top skills employers are looking for in their ideal candidates:

The top skills employers are looking for are:

  1. Verbal Communication
  2. Team Work
  3. Commercial Awareness
  4. Gathering Information
  5. Self-Motivation
  6. Drive
  7. Written Communication
  8. Planning & Organisation
  9. Adaptation
  10. Time Management

At the top of the 'Top Skills Employers are Looking For' list is Verbal Communication. All jobs irrespective of the industry it falls into will require the individual to interact with others. Being able to express ideas clearly and confidently in speech is beneficial in most job roles. Depending on the role, more significance will be placed on this skill if the individual will need the ability to speak to customers or present to large audiences

The ability to working confidently within a group was deemed skill number two. Being able to prove that you’re a team player but also the ability to manage and delegate to others and take on responsibility is always something important to possess.

In at number three was commercial awareness- knowing how the industry works and the commercial realities affecting the organisation in question.

The ability to analyse, gather information and investigate comes in at number four. From there it is about sifting through that information to establish the facts and effectively being able to prove problem solving capabilities. An individual who can showcase logic to decide what is relevant and what is not is always a bonus for any company.

All employers want to employ those who can show self-motivation and find a way through even some of the most challenges they come across. Being able to act on initiative, identify opportunities and be proactive in putting forwards ideas and solutions comes in as the fifth most important skill.

Number six is the determination to get things done. It will always look impressive if a candidate can show potential and has the drive to be constantly looking for better ways of doing things.

In at number seven is written communication and being able to express yourself clearly in writing. Most job roles include an individual to either write a letter, respond to emails and/or create documents so this is still a very important skill that a candidate needs to display.

At eight, is the skill of being able to plan activities and carry them through effectively. Employers want to know that someone they hire can see what needs to be done and manage themselves to prioritise and work effectively and efficiently.

All plans are subject to change depending on the needs of the business; therefore, in at number nine, employers want to know that someone can adapt to amendments in plans and will not be fazed by changing environments.

And lastly, the final slot in the 'Top Skills Employers are Looking For' list is time management. Although at the bottom of the list, this skill should not be forgotten. It is always impressive if a candidate can showcase they can manage their time effectively, prioritise tasks and work to deadlines. Team Leaders or Managers do not have the time and resource to micro manage everyone’s workloads so having people around them that can do this for themselves is incredibly important.

The list of ideal skills a candidate should have is never exhaustive and will vary role to role as some skills will have more prominence for specific roles. Other skills to consider include Leadership, self-awareness, creativity, computing skills negotiating & persuading and decision-making.

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