What are Skill Tests?

Leo Rolf

Posted 15/04/2019
by Leo Rolf

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What are Skill Tests?

Skill Tests help find the best people for all manner of roles. They are used in different industries, businesses, and situations. They are also used to help narrow the field when looking to fill anything from entry-level to managerial roles.

But what do they entail?

Skill Tests fall into several different areas

The idea behind these tests is to focus on various skills. As such, there are several types of tests an employer could use to help them find the ideal person for the available roles:

Some employers may choose just one type of test to assist them in the employment process. Others may use all the above. A lot may depend on the nature and importance of the role to be filled.

What are Aptitude and Cognitive Tests?

There are several types of tests that fall into this category. However, the following two examples are used more often than any other:

Are these tests just about English and Maths, though? No – they are tailored to calculate how strong someone’s problem-solving abilities are. How efficiently can they process the information they are given? How effective are they at handling numbers? Do they pay attention to detail? Are they able to use language effectively?

These are all very important elements, yet they cannot easily be measured until someone is in a working situation. Unless, of course, they are asked to complete an appropriate test as part of the application process.

What are Core Skill Tests?

As the name suggests, these tests focus on core skills that everyone would be expected to have to excel in numerous roles. Reading and writing are core skills, for example. Good numeracy skills would also be required in countless jobs. Being able to effectively communicate, whether with other employees, clients, management, or customers, is again essential for almost all jobs.

These tests can also cover Microsoft Office programs such as Excel and Word. Since many jobs involve the use of a computer, it may well be essential for would-be employees to prove they have the skills needed in this area. Skill Tests are the easiest way to confirm the applicant does have the depth of knowledge required.

What are Vocational or Industry specific Tests?

The above two types of tests are ideal for a huge array of applicants. However, other tests are designed to be industry specific. Such tests can focus on the skills required to effectively work within a certain industry, such as:

While core skills could reasonably be applied to all the above industries, the skills required to work in the retail sector may be very different to those needed in logistics. By requiring applicants to complete tailored tests like these, it becomes far easier to find the best people with the most knowledge and experience in the relevant industry.

Skill Tests make it easier for you to identify the best applicants for any business or position. By reducing the amount of time spent reviewing applicants prior to the interview stage, these tests are more powerful than many would think. They can also vastly reduce the odds of employing the wrong person – a mistake that could be costly.

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