Why you should use an Audio Typing Test when Recruiting

Leo Rolf

Posted 03/06/2019
by Leo Rolf

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Why you should use an Audio Typing Test when Recruiting

Audio typing is a necessary skill in a lot of industries which is why so many companies are now using a listening typing test when recruiting. It is often used in the legal profession, for instance, although this is by no means the only industry to use it. Similarly, some businesses may have a need for audio typists, yet other businesses in the same profession may not use them. An audio typist must be able to accurately transcribe documents, taking the information from an audio recording they are listening to. As the business owner, it is imperative that you hire the right person for the job if you require an audio typist. Getting it wrong could have untold consequences.  

Why should I use a listening typing test when recruiting?

A dictaphone typing test is specifically designed to test the skills of someone who is applying for a position as an audio typist. It is a crucial tool that employers can use to make the recruitment process much easier on their part. It is a fast and effective way to weed out those who do not have the required skills, while highlighting those that do.  

What should a prospective audio typist be able to do?

The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate they can: 

  • Type quickly and accurately
  • Transcribe what they are listening to with a great degree of accuracy
  • Touch type, i.e. type without needing to look at the keys in front of them

The only way to do this with any accuracy is under test conditions. With a Dictaphone typing test, the applicant will be required to transcribe a recording to test how accurate they are and how quickly they can complete the process. The test typically lasts only around five minutes. The candidate will have full control of the audio they are listening to, starting and stopping it as required. They will also type the passage into a computer that automatically marks their accuracy and calculates their typing speed. This means there is less work for you to do. You need only review the results when they become known.  

The advantages of using an audio typing test when recruiting

If you are recruiting for this position, you will likely have an application form that asks for experience in this form of typing. You will also very likely ask about the number of words per minute the applicant can manage. Of course, anyone can improve their skills on paper – or even claim to have audio typing skills they do not actually possess. If you risk recruiting for this position without using a skill test to confirm their skills, you risk recruiting someone who is incapable of fulfilling their job role. This could be costly, not only in wasted time but in poor results and the need to recruit for a replacement. Since the test is automatically marked, you do not need to wade through the resulting text to see who has passed either. It can also be used for improving the skills of existing employees – not just for recruiting new ones. As such, it is a simple yet versatile test that works in many scenarios and industries where audio typing is required.  

To find out more

If you need to hire an audio typist and you want to be certain you are hiring the right person for the job, an audio tying test will help you choose the best person. Skillsarena simplifies the hiring process by providing you with the ideal test to put to your applicants. To find out more information about this skills test, speak to a member of our team today on +44 (0)203 693 2201 or send an email. 

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