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Client Testimonial: Working with Business Process Outsourcing


The business is a significant multinational resourcing business, delivering outsourced recruitment solutions to an array of sectors.

In order to deliver their high quality service, teams leverage the expertise of their strong, multi-disciplinary workforce. They have their own specific team that delivers their online testing to clients.

Business process outsourcing

The Business Challenge

One of the business’s clients; a large public sector organisation were seeking an effective and fair test that would quickly sift out a large number of applicants that were not suitable for the role.

It would be an impossible task to do this just through reading each CV alone, so another layer of measurement was needed. The business approached Skillsarena to discover the best way to do this.

The Solution

Skillsarena worked closely with the business to determine what would be the best way to measure this and suggested that a bespoke situation judgement test needed to be created. The situational judgement test would assess a candidate’s fit and values against those of the organisation.

Skillsarena worked with the business to determine exactly what would be required within the test and created a bespoke test based on their clients’ needs.

The Benefits

The Head of Selection at the business says; ‘The test that Skillsarena created was a highly effective solution to a big problem. Our client was delighted with the outcome of the project and the test that was created has been a huge asset to their hiring process. The relationship that has been developed with Skillsarena has been fantastic. Skillsarena were an extremely cost-effective solution, and a pleasure to work with.’

The bespoke test that Skillsarena created for us was a highly effective solution to a big problem. Our client was delighted with the outcome of the project.

Head of Selection

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