Family Mosaic Case Study

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Family Mosaic have around 24,000 homes for rent and serve more than 45,000 people: they are one of the largest housing providers in London, Essex and the Southeast.

They provide a large range of opportunities for their customers such as training, employment and access to learning so they can improve their prospects, find new opportunities and move on.

Family Mosaic are passionate about their company values and ‘We Can’ culture, the first value ‘being dedicated’ to their customers.

The Business Challenge

Avis Rhodes, Head of Customer Contact Centre recognised the importance of providing excellent customer service to internal and external clients. “The staff of the customer care line (CCL) need to be dedicated to provide assistance, support and solutions to thousands of clients annually”, says Avis. This can be a stressful but rewarding role and therefore Avis wanted to ensure only the best people with the right values, skills and attitude would be employed.

Being one of the largest housing providers, Family Mosaic are inundated with applications for vacancies and needed a consistent way to measure a candidate’s skills, capability, attitude and behaviour.


The Solution

Skillsarena were approached with a project to identify current employee’s strengths, ability, aptitude and behaviour with a view to aligning these features for future recruitment campaigns.

Once the key characteristics and skill were identified, a bespoke online assessment was created to assess these areas. The assessment was delivered to existing staff as a bench marking exercise, creating an organisational percentile ranking.
The assessment was then used at the application stage of the recruitment process, sifting the applicants at the start with a view to reducing the effort of reading endless applications.


The Benefits

“Having the ability to send the assessments online in advance means the tests can be taken at any time anywhere. The system is easy to use and real time results, give evidence and confidence to decision making, therefore speeding up the short list selection process.” Says Avis.
Being able to identify the right people for the business has a direct impact on the quality of service, the speed and efficiency of solutions and attrition.

“Choosing Skillsarena was the best business decision we made, the system is slick and easy to use, our business processes are faster and I recommend the company when speaking to others about their recruitment problems”

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