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Character DNA Discovery Workshop


Our interactive workshop is centred around team building and fostering relationships between team members. Delivered either face to face or remotely, the team building games will focus on creating an atmosphere of understanding, collaboration, and communication through the language of colour. We believe that teamwork starts with an understanding between team members and an acceptance of different personality types, and that fun team building activities are a great way to foster a spirit of collaboration. Through team building workshops, we learn that we work better together.



What is a Character DNA Discovery Workshop?

Character DNA is a personality test that helps participants understand themselves, understand others, measure behaviour and build good communication by adapting to differences. It displays a clear profile of an employee’s personality type: their strengths, weaknesses, leadership abilities, career path and working style. Combining this unique personality test with one of our interactive team building Character DNA Days will provide the team with a valuable learning experience about the importance of effective teamwork. Our team building games focus on how the different personalities, skills and traits within a team can fit together to produce an effective and supportive workplace environment.


    A team of young people working together - the result of personality tests

    With our team building Character DNA Days you will:

    Learn how colour can be used to describe and measure personality

    Gain a better understanding of your own personality, set of skills and how you are perceived in a team via our personality test

    Understand your team members and build relationships with icebreaker questions and assessments

    Learn how to communicate effectively depending on individual preferences and improve team meetings

    Participate in icebreaker activities and team building exercises that will create better relationships between team members



    Team Building Activities

    Improve Communication Within a Team

    How do the team building activities work?

    The session will last 3 hours, with up to 15 group members (or more if required) and will be conducted at a location to suit you. With the disruption caused by COVID-19, we understand that more people are working remotely, so we provide the option of participating in the team building activities from the comfort of your home.

    Although the team building activities are highly structured with a clear goal, they are conducted in a fun and light-hearted way to ensure learning is taken on board and effective team building is instilled. The character DNA Days are open to small and large organisations. We are also open to the many organisations who have used our Character DNA personality tests but have yet to experience our unique interactive sessions for building teams.

    The key learning outcomes are as follows:

    Learn how you can use colour to describe team members’ personalities

    Allocate different colours to the different personality kinds of each team member based on the questions and character assessments in the team exercises

    Understand who you are and how you are perceived in a team environment

    Learn to communicate effectively depending on individual personality and improve team meetings

    Understand how different colour personalities are perceived by their opposite colour

    “Our CEO attended a half day workshop on effective communication run by Skillsarena. This workshop assessed the preferred working styles of eleven CEOs in order to promote better working within this particular group of CEOs. He found the session to be incredibly useful and suggested the whole organisation would benefit from the workshop. We are currently in the early stages of using the Character DNA tool. It is a fascinating to see the results of the research, and in particular the organisational team wheel and where each of us sits on it. We plan to use character DNA to help us with recruitment and to supplement our existing recruitment processes. It’s important to hire the right people for the right job. It will also be a useful tool in creating teams for specific projects. It’s a great tool, very user friendly and Skillsarena provide fantastic customer service!”

    Hamira Saddique

    HR Manager, British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)

    Why take part?

    “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.” –Carl Jung

    Carl Jung’s influential Personality Theory is based on the importance of self-knowledge.

    We believe that being open to learn about others, and embracing different types of people can enrich our own personality and understanding.

    Teamwork can be a challenge, especially in groups with very different personalities and skill sets. That is why collaboration is the number one career skill. It is imperative that we make an effort to come to a better understanding of each other, and what better way than through enjoyable team building activities?

    Understanding between team members is the foundation for good teamwork, and it is the key to a communicative, collaborative and supportive workplace environment.

    Employees holding eachother's wrists to display collaboration

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