Create Your Own

Adapt, Create, Innovate

What is Create Your Own?

You can bespoke our current tests for your individual needs, we can convert your paper based tests to online or alternatively we can get creative together and build something from scratch.

By choosing simple multiple-choice questions through to many more advanced types such as error correction and audio, we will build your test with your content.

Ultimately you will have consistent delivery of your content with the benefit and time saving of centralised, consistent content and marking.

Creating Your Own Test


Step 1


Understand the skills, choose the question type and marking criteria.


Step 2


Our team will work with you to create the test and bring the design to life.


Step 3


Measure and review the results and outputs against expectations and needs




The new test is released onto your hosted platform and is available to use

Why Create Your Own?

You are unique, your business and your needs are unique and sometimes the vacancies you need to fill require bespoke tests where pre-built assessments don’t tick all of your boxes. That’s when create your own tests become the perfect solution.

It is perfect if you need to test knowledge of a niche sector, competence in a less common job function or familiarity with process skills specific to your vacancies.

We are specialists and a highly adaptive team. This means we can adapt, design and build a tailored solution to fit in with re-designing your people processes or simply aligning our technology to add value to your existing methods.

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