Employee Knowledge Check

employee knowledge check
staff training and employee knowledge check

Staff training and employee knowledge check

Employee Knowledge Check is an effective way of producing a Training Needs Analysis and audit trail of staff’s learning and critical knowledge. From key policies to compliance, you can be confident that knowledge is retained.

Personal and professional development plans are important to most employees. Staff often rank regular training programmes and learning opportunities as key motivators which encourage them to stay in a role.

However, how can you be sure that knowledge and what has been learnt is retained? The information gathered from an employee knowledge check can be put towards a staff training programme.

staff training needs analysis

Why is a training needs analysis so important?

Staff training and development are crucial for any company to meet its objectives.

Before an effective staff training programme can be implemented within any organisation, those who need to be trained and the subjects they need training on, need to be identified.

This is the process in which the company identifies staff training and development needs of its employees so that they can do their job more effectively. Thanks to staff training and development, businesses should see an increase in an employee’s productivity and staff retention.

how to apply an employee knowledge check

How to apply an employee knowledge check

By adopting Skillsarena’s Employee Knowledge Check product, you can audit employee’s knowledge of key procedures and policies.

This will enable you to identify any knowledge gaps and therefore identify training needs to ensure they remain productive and motivated.

 This is an ongoing procedure to measure employees learning and retention of knowledge.

Employee knowledge check process
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