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If you are currently recruiting and are looking at ways to test the skills of your candidates, then our free trial is for you.

Hiring the wrong employee can be costly. Employers who undertake testing when recruiting make better hiring decisions.

They have a more comprehensive overall evaluation of a candidate and are aware of any skill gaps.

Skills Testing can help narrow out unqualified applicants and therefore distinguishing those who are truly talented for the job. As a result you will be able to eliminate unqualified applicants, identify high quality candidates and determine the training needs of individuals.

This is why we strongly recommend using Skills Testing when recruiting.

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How do I register for the 14 day free trial?
To register for our free trial, please complete the form below and we’ll be in contact to set you up with your free trial. Once registered you’ll be able to use our most popular skills tests free of charge for 14 days.

No strings attached, assess your candidates over 14 days free of charge to ensure you are recruiting individuals with the skills you need.

Please note that this free trial is only open for a limited period of time. It is also only available to organisations who are currently recruiting and not to candidates who are looking to test their skills.

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